Tropic Thunder

Pineapples have long been a symbol of warm welcome, friendship and hospitality. I actually never knew this until a few years ago when my Williams Sonoma rep gave me a gift which was adorned with a pineapple cookie mold. She told me what the deal was. Did you also know that back in the day in larger, well-to-do homes, the hostess would keep the dining room doors closed to heighten visitors’ suspense about the table being readied on the other side? At just the right  moment, and with the maximum amount drama, the doors were flung open to reveal the evening’s main event. Guests confronted with pineapple-topped food displays felt particularly honored by the hostess who obviously spared no expense to ensure her guests’ dining pleasure. Since those colonial times, the pineapple motif has been used in architecture, furniture, textiles and as you can see here, lighting and some amazing wallpapers. Who knew that the prickly pineapple had so much history!

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