Mad Men Auction

I am completely obsessed with Mad Men and I find pleasure and torment in my relationship with Don Draper…I love to hate him. I also have a girl crush on Joan. Currently, I’m simultaneously watching the new season and Season 2 (I’ve already watched Seasons 1 and 3). It gets a little confusing as I’m getting all the seasons mixed up, but that’s ok. Who is the blonde lady out in California?? Don’t tell me…I think I’m going to discover who she is in the next season 2 episode. Is it the real Don Draper’s widow?? Don’t tell me! 

I’m loving the eye candy of the new Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office, but I do miss the richness and glamour of the old spot. Lucky for you eBay is hosting a charity auction of Mad Men furniture. Thaz right, you can relive some of the drama and scandal in your own home/office with many of the infamous pieces from the Mad Men set. I’ll take the entire set in Lane’s office please and thank you.

Don’s Office


Don’s Office


Cooper’s Office


 Roger’s Office


 Lane’s Office


 Peggy’s Office


Pete’s Office


Bull Pen


Break Room


Sneak Peek

Just delivered to my clients last Friday…definitely worth the wait 🙂




We’ve Moved

Not very far, but I do have a new space at the Vintage Collective. The new owner of the Collective is putting a lot of love into the store and has been movin’ things around so I have a new home there. My sissy has also put in a rack of some well curated vintage dresses into the space. Won’t you come and visit?!


Vintage Collective on Apartment Therapy

Yay for The Vintage Collective! They were featured on Apartment Therapy and guess who’s in the second shot??? Moi! Click here for the full article.

The Vintage Collective

Move in day finally came and I wanted to share my excitement with you all! I moved my furniture and accessories into the Vintage Collective, a furniture and clothing consignment store in Long Beach, and I have to say I’m very happy with how my little booth turned out. My booth is a little under 100 sq. ft. and it’s just the perfect size. I was able to fit a good amount of furniture into the space and I hope everything sells so that I can add new pieces into the mix! I still have my items listed in my etsy shop and will be adding more items soon, but please come and visit the store if you have a chance. This is an awesome vintage store and I’m sure you will find a treasure to bring home with you.



that’s my BF hard at work…i paid him with food 


that’s me pricin’ it out






Sneak Peek

Just a little sneak peek of a client’s sofa…you can’t see it, but it has an awesome frame that wraps around the back of the sofa…yay! Going to look even more fab when we add some pillows on this bad boy.