Fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases (2)

Sweden based Superfront has arrived to give us high quality furniture at a sensible price (who doesn’t like that?!). They have created fronts, sides, tops, wooden legs and metal handles for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases and let me tell ya, they. are. good.

Fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases (6)

Fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases (4)

Fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases (3)

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have at least one piece of furniture from Ikea in our homes. They just make it way too easy to furnish your first apartment or help you out in a bind when you need that super functional piece in a snap. But now with Superfront, you can customize your Ikea pieces to look “super” high end and I am not mad about that. They’ve actually inspired me to customize my new entry piece which I’ll be sharing next week.

Fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases (9)

Fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases (8)

Fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases (5)

Fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases (7)

*Currently, Superfront is unable to ship fronts, but they will be shipping handles and legs to the States soon.

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Brooklyn Store Fashion Shopping

I’m so excited for a friend of mine that will be opening up her own shop in Brooklyn soon. She has been talking about opening up her own store for as long as I’ve known her, so it’s amazing that it’s finally happening. I threw together a little mood board to get her shop design juices flowing. Keep an eye out for Mahps opening soon in Brooklyn!

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Chinese New Years Tabletop

Red Gold Dinnerware Flatware Glassware Napkin Holder Asian Table Decor

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While I was in Saigon, I would frequent this tucked away shop, L’Usine, for an afternoon iced coffee and to take much needed breaks from the heat. The shop first lured me in with it’s modern industrial design, which in a city like Saigon is very rare. Part cafe, gallery and boutique, L’Usine is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

L’Usine also has a second location on Le Loi street with a just as cute cafe on the upper level.

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The Gift of Pretty, Light and Scent

Pretty Candles Gifts

Are you completely out of gift ideas? No more time for all those handmade gifts you wanted to make? Stop right there and go buy some candles. They really are a great universal gift. Who doesn’t want their place to smell nice?? I know I do! And don’t fret if you think they’re not personal enough. Put some effort into the wrapping (have you been following all my gift wrap ideas?!) and you’re sure to have a happy gift recipient.

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Vintage Furniture Shopping

Vintage Furniture Shopping

Vintage furniture shopping can be fun and challenging all at the same time. If you don’t really need anything, it’s usually great and you may pick up some uexpected things along the way, but when you are looking for specific items, it can be quite frustrating coming up empty handed time and time again. When working on my design projects, I love using a mix of new and vintage pieces because it gives the space more personality. So, if you want your space to have a bit more soul, incorporate some found pieces.

Here are some vintage shopping tips to help keep your sanity…

1.Be patient

2.Carry a measuring tape to make sure the piece will fit into your space.

3.Carry a camera to snap a pic of the piece just in case you have to run home to make sure of #2.

4.Keep an open mind. A new paint job or new upholstery can completely transform a piece of furniture

5. Take risks. If the piece doesn’t work, you can always sell it on Craigslist. Learned this after dragging home a huge sectional from the Rose Bowl flea market that ended up not being quite right for my office. Would have thought about the sectional forever had I not bought it, though. Oh well…

6.If you absolutely love it, buy it! It’s so disappointing to go back and find the piece is no longer there. The phrase “you snooze, you lose” is totally true.

Mend Hearts {Back to School}

Although I’m no longer in school, the beginning of September always makes me want to go out and buy new office supplies. Here are some of my picks…

notepadpens, lunch bag, chair, tacks, ipad case

Mend Hearts…

Summer is soon coming to an end, but being in this hot hot heat all week has reinspired me. And for all you folks living in SoCal, I don’t think summer truly ever ends so you can keep enjoying these goodies all year long.

glassware, bar cart, chair, shorts, book, hammock, beverage dispenser, outdoor rug

Akio Nukaga at Heath Ceramics

Wheel Throwing Demonstration at Heath San Francisco Mission Japanese Pottery Ceramics

I attended a wheel throwing demonstration by Akio Nukaga at the very new (and very close to my house) Heath Ceramics. It was such a unique experience to see a talented potter working on his craft and to hear about his process. He described his home tucked away in the woods of the small town of Kasama, Japan and how he forgets how many people exist in the world when he emerges from his studio (it was his first time to SF). I was definitely a little envious of his lifestyle and how he’s able to concentrate on his work without all the distractions of the world. Biggups to Heath for having such a great event…now I’m just counting down the days ’til the Blue Bottle opens in the shop.

Levi’s SOHO Store

I’ve always been fascinated by retail design because of the innovation that can occur and the necessity for total functionality. Levi’s newest store opened up in NYC’s SOHO neighborhood and it definitely includes some “pioneering” design. All I’m gonna say is rope chandeliers…

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