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Honored to be Wayfair’s Designer of the Month…check out my little interview here.

First Look at Marimekko for Target

It’s been a while since I’ve been super excited about a Target collaboration, but the superstore revealed it will partner with the Finnish clothing line Marimekko for its latest limited-edition collection. In addition to the usual apparel and home good items, the collection from the celebrated design house will also include some items like paddleboards, hammocks and parachutes. The inspiration for the collection include both the Finnish summer – when the sun stays out until close to midnight – and Finnish culture, which weighs heavily on gatherings among family and friends. Look for the full line to go on sale at Target stores and online April 17. Summer here we come!

Images: Target

Photo Diary: Los Alamos

Los Alamos Things to Do (14)

I recently took a trip to Los Alamos, a small town just an hour and a half north of Ojai. It had been on my list to make the short trek up to this area for quite some time and I finally blocked out some days to do it. Los Alamos has one main street and there a just a few restaurants and small establishments located on said street, including the Alamo Motel, a cute little lodge belonging to the Shelter Social Club family.

Los Alamos Things to Do (15)

The fam and I checked in to the Alamo and we got straight to eating. For such a small town, there are some legit places to fill your belly. You know how much I love food, and I’ve missed the SF food scene so much, so this trip was real a treat.

Los Alamos Things to Do (12)

In this order, I had lunch at Bell Street Farm, a little wine tasting at Casa Dumetz, dinner at Full of Life Flatbread, and breakfast the next day at Bob’s Well Bread Bakery. EVERYTHING was delicious.

Los Alamos Things to Do (13)

There’s some great antique-ing to be had, but because I’m on the long road of becoming a minimalist, I only went home with an amazing pepper mill and ice pick (yes, surpisingly I’ve been needing one).

Los Alamos Things to Do (1)

Los Alamos Things to Do (7)

Los Alamos Things to Do (4)

Los Alamos Things to Do (10)

Los Alamos Things to Do (11)

Los Alamos Things to Do (9)

Los Alamos Things to Do (8)

Los Alamos Things to Do (5)

Los Alamos Things to Do (6)

Los Alamos Things to Do (3)

Los Alamos Things to Do (2)

Los Alamos Things to Do (16)

This little town is definitely worth a trip. Word on the street is a few more restaurants are opening soon, so I’ll for sure be planning another eating-fest.

Los Alamos Things to Do (17)

Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want

Sage Living design book

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Anne Sage’s new book Sage Living, I suggest you go out immediately and do so now (or order it from Amazon from the comfort of your sofa). It’s a beautifully written design book where Anne explores the connection between home and happiness, the latter being something I have always felt can be achieved through design. I was honored to be a part of this book and now I have a little memento for when I’m feeling nostalgic for San Francisco. Also, Greta makes her print debut in our little SF apartment.

Rodarte for The Rug Company

Rodarte for The Rug Company (1)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (2)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (3)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (4)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (5)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (6)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (7)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (8)

Images via The Rug Company

5 Tips for Designing a Timeless Nursery

Timeless Nursery (2)

Nurseries have come such a long way from the traditional blue-for-boy and pink-for-girl baby rooms and although I’m all for gender specific design, what I’m not a huge fan of is designing a space that becomes too baby-ish too soon. Here are just a few tips to help you create a nursery that will grow with your child.

1. Think in terms of long haul when choosing furniture. If you purchase a chair only for nursing, you’re only going to use it when you’re nursing. Choose something that works for now and in the future.

Timeless Nursery (1)

2. Don’t buy an expensive crib. The longest your babe will be in the crib is about 2 years (??), maybe even less, so spend your dollars elsewhere in the space.

Timeless Nursery (5)

3. Do invest in a dresser. A dresser will work as your changing table and provide storage. A piece of furniture that does double duty has the ability to morph into something else somewhere else in the home if needed.

Timeless Nursery (3)

4. Don’t delve too heavily into a theme and do pick colors that aren’t too juvenile. If you absolutely must have a “Frozen” themed room (I’ve never even seen the movie), do it in a way that the theme carries across in items that can easily be switched out, think pillows and accessories.

Timeless Nursery (4)

5. Don’t go crazy with baby products. I have a feeling I’ll have to take my own advice on this when my time comes around. You most likely don’t have the space and you probably don’t need all that extra stuff. Keep to the baby essentials.

Timeless Nursery (6)

Images via here

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (1)

Ikea has done it again and now we can only hope that we’ll see some of this collection in the States. The DIY furniture giant has collaborated with London designer Ilse Crawford to launch the Sinnerlig collection which features natural materials with a neutral palette. There will be larger furniture pieces such as cork-covered tables and a daybed down to hand-blown glass bottles. Unveiled during Stockholm Design Week, the collection will be available at Ikea stores and online from August. Our fingers are crossed that this release includes the design hungry of the US of A. Cue the drool.

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (3)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (5)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (10)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (6)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (7)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (8)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (9)

Images via here

Before & After: Costco Shed Redesign

A dear friend of mine (and old boss, and by ‘old’ I mean ‘previous’, although I do enjoy referring to her as ‘mom’ sometimes to push her buttons), recently renovated a store bought shed into an oasis of an office/guest room. She, her husband, and daughter live in the cutest cottage (which is also awesome btw) but they needed some extra space. Instead of adding on to their current house, which can be a lot to take on, and very costly, they decided to resolve the space issue by customizing a shed they purchased from Costco and plopping it in their backyard.

They extended the roof line and added a tin roof, which completely makes the cookie cutter shed much more interesting architecturally.

Painted the exterior and added wood slats, which were leftover from when they redid their floors in the main house.

Removed the doors/top window and replaced them with glass inset sliding doors.

They added a floor to ceiling window on the back wall along with another window above the desk, letting in loads of natural light.

I was amazed to see the progress and loved how it all turned out, bookmarking this DIY stat!

Kinder Modern

Modern kids furniture (1)

It’s always interesting designing for clients who have children because there are so many things to take into consideration, like the actual “stuff” they come with (especially with babies), durability, potential messes, etc. As much as I like to infuse my design sense into my clients lives, they are usually the ones to dictate how a space needs to work. At the end of the day, as much as I would sometimes like to, I can’t change the way people live or how their children behave.

Modern kids furniture (2)

Designing nurseries and kids rooms are my favorite, but I don’t believe that designing with children needs to revolve around bins upon bins of toys. This is the home of Kinder Modern owner Lora Appleton, designed by her partner Bachman Brown Clem. I love all the modern lines and the play on color. The spaces are sophisticated and fun, you can tell that children live here, but they haven’t taken over (so important in my opinion!).

Modern kids furniture (3)

You know I love vintage everything and vintage children’s furniture is so up my alley. Kinder Modern offerings are a nice alternative for families looking for unique pieces to infuse into their little one’s lives.

Modern kids furniture (4)

Above are shelves at the Kinder Modern gallery filled with 20th century children’s furniture and objects, all of which I want for my unborn child.

Images via here

Shop the Look

As promised, here’s where you can shop this look from the Before & After I posted about yesterday. While going through the process of selecting furniture pieces for this space, we made sure that we kept it light and bright with the sofa and chairs to help bring in a feeling of airiness (I’m obsessed with these chairs!). The upholstered pieces have curved lines which give off a feminine air, but more lady-like than girly. We kept most of the casegoods in a darker finish, but then incorporated pieces with reflective finishes, like the antique gold lamps with distressed mirror, brass accent table, and wall mirrors. These items help bounce light around the room and brighten the space. The art over the sofa is a bit quirky and more modern, but is very personal since my client has been a swimmer since she was little. The bench that sits in front of the sofa can become more seating if necessary and is easily movable for when floor space is needed for kids to play. The mix of new furniture with family heirloom pieces makes what was a drab room really come to life.

Design on a budget

1.accent table,, 3. lamp, 4.sofa, 5.bench, 6.pillow (similar), 7.floor lamp, 8.chair, 9.bookshelf, 10.mirror (similar), 11.end table