Train Life

Station to Station Train Photo

Getting back in the saddle after a long, but very fun, week. Spent the last week with Station to Station and Levis at their last three stops and what an amazing train and experience! Will share more photos soon.

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Record Collection

Records Vinyl Storage Display Ideas Photos (4)

Although I don’t have a ton of records, I have enough that I need to figure out a storage solution for them. Currently, they are just strewn about on my bookshelves next to my turntable and receiver, all together not a great solution since I can’t really open up the turntable cover all the way, which leads to not playing my records as much as I would like because well, I can be lazy and if some things aren’t convenient, they just don’t get done. I’m on the hunt for a mobile piece that is cute and affordable…any ideas?

Records Vinyl Storage Display Ideas Photos (2)

Records Vinyl Storage Display Ideas Photos (3)

Records Vinyl Storage Display Ideas Photos (1)

Records Vinyl Storage Display Ideas Photos (5)

How do you store your records?

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Bimbo’s 365 Club

This past weekend all my dreams came true in the form of a magical building. I’ve been pretty good about making my rounds to many of the music venues in SF, but Bimbo’s 365 might just be my favorite. A San Francisco institution since 1931, Bimbo’s is now a music venue where you will be served stiff drinks by old men wearing black vests. This place is gorgeous with all it’s art deco goodness, deep velvet curtains and very dim lighting, providing the perfect place to slink away like if you were actually a Mad Men or Goodfella.

To add to all my dreams come true, I was there Saturday night to see cutie patootie Nick Waterhouse, the night could not have been any more perfect.

Happy Weekend

This video makes me cry tears of joy every time I see it. Something really pure about it, can’t really explain, but I am so excited to see Andrew Bird perform tonight at the Fox Theatre. Now, if I could only learn to multi-task my life as beautifully as Mr. Bird plays all his instruments…happy friday.

Music on the Mend – Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Black and White Photo

When I hear the name Amy Winehouse, I automatically think ‘hot mess’, but a hot mess with a damn good voice. I can’t say that I was ever drawn to her bitter, sarcastic personality or use of profanity, but I have enjoyed her music over the years. Her talent was undeniable and you know I like the throwback-doo-wop sound. Her rendition of Our Day Will Come on Lioness is a current fave of mine and has definitely been on repeat.

Music on the Mend Amy Winehouse Interior Design

Obviously, I’ll never be able to design a space for Ms. Winehouse, but if I could, it would be full of bright colors and patterns to reflect her ‘colorful’ style and personality. Think lots of leopard, checkers, houndstooth, polka dots, florals and stripes. Retro with the kitsch and fun included.

amyinterior 1, lamp, chair, interior 2, rug, end table, pillow

Music on the Mend – St. Vincent

St. Vincent at Treasure Island Music Festival

If you’ve been following my blog and tweets, you know I’m a huge fan of Annie Clark from St. Vincent (read major girl crush city, usa). I saw her for the first time last month at Treasure Island Music Festival and she did not disappoint. Not only is she so purdy, she is talented as heck and plays almost every instrument under the sun. St. Vincent’s latest album, Strange Mercy, will have a special place in my heart because it will always remind of the time in my life when I moved to San Francisco with my little family. Her songs make me happy and sad and I don’t think she would have it any other way.

Music on the Mend St. Vincent

In designing a space for Ms. Clark, I would play off colors like a deep eggplant, mixed with a touch of coral and gold accents. Her home would be a collection of unique antiques and modern finds…a little fancy and a little raw. It would be light and dark, just like her music.

St. Vincent (me), interior 1, chandelier, interior 2, cup, plate, console, interior 3, art, chaise

Treasure Island Music Festival

It was my first time attending Treasure Island Music Festival and it was the perfect way to spend the gorgeous weekend. I’ve been to a few different festivals, but this one was a little different, in a good way. There were only two stages and none of the sets overlapped, so you actually got to see every band, if you wanted. My usual festival going consists of rushing from stage to stage to catch a few songs from each band, but not this time. This festival felt like summer camp, with a DIY craft tent included, and bands just happened to be performing as well. Here’s my photo diary of this past weekend…

Treasure Island Music Festival Photos

Beautiful view of the city from the festival

Treasure Island Music Festival Photos

Silent Disco

Treasure Island Music Festival Photos


Treasure Island Music Festival Photos

View of crowd from side stage

Treasure Island Music Festival Photos


Treasure Island Music Festival Photos


Treasure Island Music Festival Photos

Buraka Som Sistema brought on girls from the crowd to shake their booties

Treasure Island Music Festival Photos

Treasure Island Music Festival Photos


Treasure Island Music Festival Photos

Cut Copy

Treasure Island Music Festival Photos

My current obsession…St. Vincent. If I just practice, I could be their Asian keyboardist!

Treasure Island Music Festival Photos

Seriously, how was I this close?? LOVE her.

Music Posters

I’m comin’ off a music filled weekend, having spent Saturday and Sunday at Treasure Island Music Festival. Good times were had and I’ll be sharing some pix later on, but wanted to share some silkscreened posters I discovered at the festival from graphic designer Jason Munn. I love the simplicity of his designs, yet they are still bold and very geometric. Sometimes less is more.

Images: Jason Munn

Music on the Mend – Hanni El Khatib

I’m the type of person that prefers to have music on at all times, a constant soundtrack to my life if you will. I don’t consider myself a music head or anything, but I loooove music, am totally inspired by it, and believe that it adds so much to any environment. So, I’m taking a stab at a series I’ve been wanting to start for a while that I’ll call Music on the Mend. I’ll be putting on my imaginary hat and designing a space for an artist or group that I’m a fan of. I’ll pretend I actually know them and that we’re friends that grab a happy hour drink now and then, consider their sound and style and have my way!

Hanni El Khatib at Bottom of the Hill San Francisco

Here’s Hanni El Khatib at a show I went to a few weeks ago. He’s got a lo-fi, garage rock sound-y thing happening that I really like. He’s old school, but new school and that tends to be a sound I usually gravitate to. Rock and roll man.

Music On The Mend Hanni El Khatib

In designing a space for Hanni, I’d keep the palette pretty neutral while layering in natural textures such as leather, grasscloth and a good dose of wood surfaces to keep it manly. The feel is minimal and industrial, with a touch of organic mixed in. And don’t forget the whiskey.

interior 1, sofa, antlers, lamp, stand, interior 2