Surprise Bedroom Makeover

Wallpaper Bedroom Makeover

Design projects can sometimes be quite the process. Months to years can go by before you see the final result, so when a client asked if I would give her master bedroom a makeover as a surprise gift to her husband (and within a month), I was completely up for the challenge. Having worked with these clients before, I was mostly concerned with time and the fact that the husband can be quite particular, but the Mrs. made decisions quickly and we stayed away from any options that might be too “wild”. We pulled off the design without a hitch, installed the bedroom the morning of the Mr.’s birthday and he was very surprised (and he loved it!). Here’s a little sneak peek, but stay tuned for the full reveal…

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home (1)

After every new year, all I want to do is get rid of any unnecessities accumulated over the past year, clean the house from top to bottom, and add in a few new items that will refresh my home. Anything new coming in means something old must go. This has become a cardinal room in my house because a marriage between two collectors does not always a happy home make. I’m very much about keeping things that only “spark joy” via Ms. Kondo and slowly (very slowly), but surely am becoming a minimalist.

Purge like there’s no tomorrow. It may be hard, and it may be messy, but the uncluttered-ness you’re left with will be a serious breath of fresh air. You’ll feel lighter in so many ways and you’ll have made room for the things that are really important.

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home (2)

Rearrange your furniture. Depending on your space, this may or may not be possible, but moving one chair to the opposite corner or switching lamps from one space to another will give your room a new perspective.

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home (3)

Spruce up the bookshelves. This has actually been on my to-do list for too long now, but I’m going to take my own advice. Moving books around, reorganizing your objects, taking away things can really give your space a new feel.

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home (4)

Add some life with greenery. This might be the easiest tip of all, but adding some plants will literally bring life into your space.

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home (5)

Accessorize with pillows. Pillows can become a problem in that you can collect too many (guilty!). But if you remember the cardinal rule (see above), you’ll be just fine. They add color, pattern or texture and will give your sofa or bed an instant new look. The array of pillows available at every price point makes this refresh easy peasy.

Color of the Year

Pantone’s colors of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity, a truly calming combination and one I’m quite drawn to for this new year. After all the fuss of the holidays (which I completely love), it’s nice to get back to the basics, reset intentions, and look forward to life’s next adventures.

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New Year

Cliff May Rancho Midcentury Architecture Bedroom Design

Another new year is upon us. I’ve started the year off as I usually do with a cleanse to give my body a bit of a break from all the indulgence that happened over the holidays. I’m back to beginning each day with meditation and yoga/pilates and it feels oh so good. There are always some feelings of sadness with the holidays and vacation being over, but the renewed sensation of a fresh start is always so invigorating. I think it’s going to be an interesting year. I’m not quite sure what that means yet, but I’m looking forward to the adventures and discoveries of 2016.

Silicon Valley Office Inspiration

Tech Office Interior Design

Having had to sign an NDA, I’m not allowed to say much about an office project I’ve been working on in the Bay Area, but wanted to share some of the inspiration for this project.

Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want

Sage Living design book

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Anne Sage’s new book Sage Living, I suggest you go out immediately and do so now (or order it from Amazon from the comfort of your sofa). It’s a beautifully written design book where Anne explores the connection between home and happiness, the latter being something I have always felt can be achieved through design. I was honored to be a part of this book and now I have a little memento for when I’m feeling nostalgic for San Francisco. Also, Greta makes her print debut in our little SF apartment.

Before & After: French Country Refresh

Generally, I don’t take on small scale projects, but when this sweet lady reached out to me for some help around her home, I was happy to do so because she was only a 10 minute drive away, much shorter than my weekly LA commute. I knew she would be easy to work with and that the project would be relatively quick as she wanted to keep her main furniture pieces, so all that was needed was some re-loving and joohzing.

As an empty nester, she wanted her home to feel very feminine and she loved the French Country feel. She was finally able to do whatever she wanted designwise because her home was now sans children and husbands. In her living room, we reupholstered one of her chairs in a floral fabric, which was the jumping off point for the rest of the space. We replaced her current drapery panels with deep, eggplant panels for more contrast and brought in a lime, graphic pattern on a Louis chair frame for more color. A rug, some accent pieces and a few accessories later, the space is much more pulled together.

Renew old furniture (2)

In her bedroom, we reupholstered a bench and sofa (my first fringed sofa!), added new bedding, nightstands and lamps. Her master now feels like the sanctuary she was hoping for.

Renew old furniture (1)

I wouldn’t say ‘French Country’ is a look I normally do, but I’m always interested in why different style clients want to work with me. No matter what style, I do feel there is a common thread throughout my projects and I think my clients are drawn to that thread, they just want that thread applied to a style they may like. I have to give credit to the firm I used to work with for my versatility, I worked on so many different styles there, from slick, modern to rustic, french country and everything in between. These kind of projects keep me on my toes.

Vintage Spaces

Midcentury interior by Gio Ponti in the Villa Planchart

Gio Ponti designed the Villa Planchart, a private home built in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1956.

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Lady Loft Progress

Vintage modern loft interior design

I shared the design for this Lady Loft project a bit ago and wanted to share some progress photos. We painted all the walls white to give a clean and fresh backdrop for the design. Pieces have been trickling in bit by bit so the only things that still need to be installed are the art and a few special touches.

Vintage modern loft interior design

In an ideal design world, the overall design is accomplished in one fell swoop, purchasing and project management then follow, and finally we finish it up with an install where everything comes in at once (aka the big reveal!). Projects are not always ideal (nor without a hiccup or two), but I’m so pleased with the progress of this one. Almost at the finish line!

Panhandle Project Inspiration

San Francisco interior design inspiration

Awaiting construction to start on a remodel of a San Francisco condo. Most of the design changes we are making are cosmetic, but they’ll really give this home a new lease on life. We’ll be refinishing the floors, painting the walls a taupe-y grey, installing new window treatments, swapping out light fixtures, and giving the kitchen and bathrooms a much needed facelift. Looking forward to executing this design and hopefully having it all done in under four weeks (fingers crossed).

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