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Mid-century Modern Retro Interior Design Masculine Man Cave Decor

Getting in the Halloween spirit!

Bimbo’s 365 Club

This past weekend all my dreams came true in the form of a magical building. I’ve been pretty good about making my rounds to many of the music venues in SF, but Bimbo’s 365 might just be my favorite. A San Francisco institution since 1931, Bimbo’s is now a music venue where you will be served stiff drinks by old men wearing black vests. This place is gorgeous with all it’s art deco goodness, deep velvet curtains and very dim lighting, providing the perfect place to slink away like if you were actually a Mad Men or Goodfella.

To add to all my dreams come true, I was there Saturday night to see cutie patootie Nick Waterhouse, the night could not have been any more perfect.

Chelsea Garden Apartment

I am coveting this home in NYC. It’s simple and airy with a lovely garden courtyard…in NEW YORK!

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Vintage Spaces

Mid-Century Retro Interior Design All Over Print Floral Decor Bedroom

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An Artist’s Home

I recently finished reading Julia Child’s My Life in France and I have to say it was the most delightful book. Seriously, it made me smile ear to ear reading all the details about her life and career, such a jolly lady. Aside from the fact I think I’m half Parisian, I feel like I would adjust to the French lifestyle pretty easily. Of course, I would have two homes, one in Paris and one in the countryside somewhere. I imagine a life in France would be something like this…

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Happy Weekend

Art Deco Design Furniture Light Fixture Chandelier 30s Streamline Armchair

Always lookin’ forward to the weekend…think I’ll make my way over to the new Uniqlo (finally here, woohoo!), go see Looper, or maybe Argo, and bundle up for Treasure Island Music Fest this weekend. Hope you’ve got some fun plans, too!

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Vintage Spaces

Mid-Century Retro Interior Designs 60s 70s Bold Warm Color Red Yellow

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New Chair and Footstools

I am beyond happy with how this chair turned out! You can see the before here. Of course, like always with all of my re-loved pieces, I want to keep it for myself, but it’s already prepped for delivery. Chair goes to the highest bidder!

And aren’t these footstools fun times?!?

Mend MendEtc Etsy Handmade Footstools Pattern Color Floral Chevron Crafty

Loft Life

It’s been over a year since I left my loft life behind and although I love SF apartment living, there’s a part of me that really misses all the space!  I thought I was over living in a loft without a door to shut, but I would strongly consider moving back into one if it was as cozy and airy as this one.

I have a lot of dream kitchens and this one is definitely one of them. Love the modern white cabinets in contrast with the exposed brick.

Plenty of room on this sectional for me, hubs-to-be, my two rascal dogs, and then some.

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Vintage Spaces

Mid-Century Modern Retro 1960 Advertising Exhibition Lounge Seating

60s advertising exhibition…love the lounge seating

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