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I’m deathly afraid of scary movies but this is the year I’m going to watch The Shining in it’s entirety. According to friends who have seen it, the scariest scene takes place in this bathroom and I’ve survived that so I’m sure I can handle the rest of the movie…I hope.

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Station to Station

A public art project (2)

During the month of September, a train traveled from New York City to San Francisco, making stops at nine train stations across the country. Station to Station was a nomadic public art project organized by artist Doug Aitken and was made possible by the Levi’s brand. The hubs traveled on the train for the entire month and I was able to catch up with him for the last three stops in California.

A public art project (8)

Above is the Levi’s train car and was the first stop on my personal tour of the train. I’d been following STS via social media and Dre would share his personal stories of work and play on the road, but it wasn’t until I actually saw the physical train that I truly understood this creative adventure that he was on.

A public art project (7)

A public art project (14)

Some of the train cars were over 100 years old and most still had all the original fixtures. I loved this fold down sink and razor blade holder. Below is a peek into one of the artist’s quarters.

A public art project (10)

A public art project (6)

A public art project (9)

The first event I attended was in Barstow at an old drive-in. It was a very unique setting, being in the middle of nowhere, listening to music from bands like No Age, Cold Cave, Cat Power and Beck. Below are some yurts which each had a different art installation.

A public art project (1)

A public art project (13)

A public art project (11)

After the Barstow stop, I was back in LA for the event at Union Station. Below is the Levi’s Makers yurt which was my favorite installation. There were different makers in the exposed yurt and you could walk around and see the process of each maker, whether it be handmade quilts, rugs, customized denim jackets, or watches.

A public art project (3)

A public art project (12)

The last stop was in Oakland at an abandoned train station and the setting was perfect for the finale.

A public art project (4)

A public art project (5)

Sintra 1012 Progress

Sintra Lisbon Portugal Boutique Hotel

It’s been slow going with my international consulting project. Everyone took the month of August off and there has been a little behind the scenes drama, but things are getting back to schedule. Here are some Sintra 1012 progress photos…fresh new coat of exterior paint and some lighting going up!

Vases in the Shop

Mend Etc. Design Etsy Shop Vintage Vases Product

Just a few new items in le shop…it’s really feeling like Fall around here.

The Eames House

On a recent trip to LA I made it a point to visit the Eames House in Pacific Palisades. I’m not sure why it took me so long to visit this design mecca, but it was more than worth the wait and it was overwhelmingly inspiring. My love of design, before even working in interior design, began with mid-century architecture and furniture. I didn’t know who or what anything was at the time, I just knew I was drawn to the lifestyle that mid-century architecture dictated and I loved the look of the furniture. I owe a lot of my found passion to people like Charles and Ray Eames. I am still constantly inspired by their curiosity and creativity that touched so many different arenas of design.

It was a calm morning when I visited and I walked quietly along the road that led up to the Case Study No. 8 house. Upon entering the property, I took a deep breath and just stood there, very still. I had seen many photos of the house interior and exterior, but not very many of the meadow where this house sits. The rolling grassy meadow is dotted with eucalyptus trees and overlooks the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. It’s quite breathtaking when you see it in person.

Interior visits are not allowed, so I peeked through the windows to investigate every nook and cranny possible. To have this little window into the lives of Charles and Ray made me a little teary-eyed because not only did they have a beautifully designed home inside and out, but they also had a life where work was play and play was work and they did it all together. This work-life-balance-lifestyle is something my husband and I are constantly striving for and to see it realized by such an iconic couple was very inspiring. So that’s why I cried a little.

Something Charles said deeply resonated within me and helped reaffirm why I love designing spaces for other people.

“We agreed that the house must make no insistent demands for itself, but rather aid as a background for life in work. This house acts as a reorientator and shock absorber and should provide the needed relaxations from the daily complications arising within problems.”

When I first started getting into “designing” my own space (post college), I was very into the iconic mid-century pieces, like the Eames lounge chair and ottoman (which is currently sitting in the basement), or the Eames molded plywood chair, and always questioned whether I should get a Noguchi table (I never did). I loved the minimal look of mid-century design, but as the years have passed my design style has evolved into a more eclectic look. My knowledge of different design styles has grown vastly, mostly due to the varied clientele I worked with through the firm, and that’s probably why my personal preference for design is a mix and match of anything and everything.

I loved seeing the transformation of the Eames’ interior from minimal Japanese goza mats to very layered where all the hard edged things are obscured by all the collages of objects. All the greenery must also get a nod because the presence of nature adds to the coziness of what would otherwise be a cold shell. And the layered seating areas have given me quite a few ideas to transform my own sofa.

If you’re a design nerd like me, I highly recommend visiting the Eames house if you haven’t already. I plan to come back with the hubs when we’re down south again.

“Container of your life can be simple but your life doesn’t have to be simple.”

Footstools for Auction

Handmade Footstools Ottomans Custom Etsy Prints Patterns

These footstools were shipped down to LA for my nephew’s annual school auction. Instead of donating a chair this year, I donated two sets of footstools since they were such a hit at last year’s auction. You can also purchase them in le shop. I’m slightly obsessed with the peacock geometric pattern. It might be making another appearance as my living room bench, but maybe with a red tassel fringe trim?

Vintage Spaces

Midcentury Modern Architecture Interior Design Decor 60s

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Halloween Mantle Decor

Sophisticated Halloween Fireplace Decorations Decor Inspired by The Birds (2)

This year I decided to tame down the Halloween decorations and only keep them to the living room fireplace mantle. No plastic, orange pumpkins, spider webs or bat silhouettes. Don’t get me wrong, I love all those things and get super gitty when I start to see the Halloween aisles appear in the stores, but I thought I would go a bit more sophisticated this time around. And just to clarify, I don’t have children, I decorate for Halloween just for me 🙂

Sophisticated Halloween Fireplace Decorations Decor Inspired by The Birds (3)

I was inspired by “The Birds” since I just went to Bodega Bay, where the movie was filmed, and these faux crows feel a bit Edgar Allen Poe-ish, so no spiders this year, just birds. I also added in some of these long stemmed squash guys because their stems are pretty creepy. Candy bowls are filled in the house and I’m ready to get my Halloween on. What about you? Do you know what you’re gonna be yet? Hashtag sexy ghost?

Sophisticated Halloween Fireplace Decorations Decor Inspired by The Birds (1)

Vintage Spaces

Midcentury Modern Retro Interior Design Decoration Decor 60s 70s

hi fidelity

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Color Study

Interior Design Decoration Decor Color Palettes

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