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Modern kids furniture (1)

It’s always interesting designing for clients who have children because there are so many things to take into consideration, like the actual “stuff” they come with (especially with babies), durability, potential messes, etc. As much as I like to infuse my design sense into my clients lives, they are usually the ones to dictate how a space needs to work. At the end of the day, as much as I would sometimes like to, I can’t change the way people live or how their children behave.

Modern kids furniture (2)

Designing nurseries and kids rooms are my favorite, but I don’t believe that designing with children needs to revolve around bins upon bins of toys. This is the home of Kinder Modern owner Lora Appleton, designed by her partner Bachman Brown Clem. I love all the modern lines and the play on color. The spaces are sophisticated and fun, you can tell that children live here, but they haven’t taken over (so important in my opinion!).

Modern kids furniture (3)

You know I love vintage everything and vintage children’s furniture is so up my alley. Kinder Modern offerings are a nice alternative for families looking for unique pieces to infuse into their little one’s lives.

Modern kids furniture (4)

Above are shelves at the Kinder Modern gallery filled with 20th century children’s furniture and objects, all of which I want for my unborn child.

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Shop the Look

As promised, here’s where you can shop this look from the Before & After I posted about yesterday. While going through the process of selecting furniture pieces for this space, we made sure that we kept it light and bright with the sofa and chairs to help bring in a feeling of airiness (I’m obsessed with these chairs!). The upholstered pieces have curved lines which give off a feminine air, but more lady-like than girly. We kept most of the casegoods in a darker finish, but then incorporated pieces with reflective finishes, like the antique gold lamps with distressed mirror, brass accent table, and wall mirrors. These items help bounce light around the room and brighten the space. The art over the sofa is a bit quirky and more modern, but is very personal since my client has been a swimmer since she was little. The bench that sits in front of the sofa can become more seating if necessary and is easily movable for when floor space is needed for kids to play. The mix of new furniture with family heirloom pieces makes what was a drab room really come to life.

Design on a budget

1.accent table,, 3. lamp, 4.sofa, 5.bench, 6.pillow (similar), 7.floor lamp, 8.chair, 9.bookshelf, 10.mirror (similar), 11.end table

Before & After: Living Room

Recently, I completed a quickie makeover that was on the very budget conscious end of the spectrum. It was nearly an impossible budget, but using a few of my client’s existing pieces and foregoing new window treatments (for now), helped get us close to where we needed to be budget-wise without compromising too much on the design. Here’s a snapshot of the before and as you can see, it was pretty much a dumping room where exercise balls were stored and where a crazy pug resided.

The room was designed for the lady of the house who is expecting her first child. She wanted a comfortable and cozy space to sit and drink her 5 ounces of coffee in the morning as well as a place to write her thank you notes. I came up with a few options for a furniture plan, one of which included a sectional, but that was too costly, so we ditched that idea right off the bat. My client loved all the options and what we decided on was option A with two chairs instead of the two round ottomans. We also decided to replace the corner lounge chair with a smaller antique side chair that belonged to my client’s grandmother.

First things first, we needed to clear the room and get it ready for the new furniture arrivals. Certain projects can take months and even years, but this project was completed in about two weeks, which is crazy fast. We didn’t make any structural changes, worked with the existing paint and designed with only retailed items that were in stock. Here’s the room all neat and ready with the client’s existing desk, chair and rug that was incorporated into the design.

And here’s the after…

Sometimes in design, furniture placement ends up changing a bit from the original floor plan once the furniture get into the space. My client decided that she really preferred having the desk near the front windows so we started moving stuff around, as designers do, and I’m really happy with the final layout.

This room gets great natural light during the day, but felt like a very dark room overall before the makeover. Making the room feel airy but still cozy was a big priority. We brought in pieces upholstered in creamy-oatmeal tones, mixed in different textures, and added more light sources which all help the room glow and not feel like such a dungeon at night.

Check back tomorrow for the shopping resources!

Elise – A New Collection from Young America

Stanley Young America Kids Furniture (4)

When designing kiddie rooms, I always take the approach of having fun with the decor, but investing in pieces that the child can grow with. Young America’s new collection for girls of any age, Elise, is a perfect example of classic looks that will hold its appeal throughout the years.

Stanley Young America Kids Furniture (1)

Stanley Young America Kids Furniture (5)

Stanley Young America Kids Furniture (2)

Stanley Young America Kids Furniture (6)

Stanley Young America Kids Furniture (3)

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Wanderlust: J.K. Place Roma

I’ve got a bad case of wanderlust and am finding it hard not to be planning a few upcoming trips, but I’m trying to limit my research on the interwebs during office hours (kind of). Enter J.K. Roma Place near the Spanish Steps in the romantic Eternal City. The lobby and rooms are exquisitely designed with touches of midcentury modern furniture and incredible warmth, ensuring that you’ll have a cozy and sophisticated stay. When in Rome…

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Before & After: Wrapp Office

As you may know, I am terrible with posting about the progress of projects I’m working on…something I’m trying to get better at 🙂 I mentioned this South Park office project a while ago and am finally posting a before and after. The office belonged to the startup company Wrapp, a gift giving app that allows you to give your friends free gifts or treat them to paid gift cards.

The office was located in this cute pocket of downtown San Francisco, the South Park area, and had great bones to start with. There were exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and great light. Wrapp was founded in Stockholm, Sweden and the design of their Stockholm office was very white and modern. Since this office space had a bit more character, we wanted to infuse the modern ‘Wrapp’ feel while still speaking to the existing historical features of the building.

Immediately, I knew all the walls had to painted white to create a fresh and modern feel. Below is the entry and where a seating area would eventually live for clients and guests.

Next to the guest seating is the kitchen and break area. Cabinetry would be painted white along with a chalkboard wall on the opposite side.

Love all the exposed brick in the conference room.

Towards the back of the office is a storage room with three separate doors. Since the office had an open floor plan, we wanted to create a few private rooms where employees could have a private phone conversation or conduct small meetings. We would divide the storage space into three separate rooms and fill in the ceilings to create a more finished look. We would also replace the existing doors with glass inset doors to allow more light and paint them a bright yellow.

Here’s the after:

The entry and guest seating area got a tufted chesterfield sofa treatment along with a vintage California flag.

The kitchen and break area was furnished with a bulbous leg table and Saarinen style tulip stools. We painted a large chalkboard rectangle on the wall behind the table and an employee’s artist husband drew some SF scenery (fog included), just in case anyone forgot where they were working.

All the desks and lamps were white with a few pops of yellow here and there. We also hung large clocks above the desks to represent the different timezones for Wrapp’s international offices, included were San Francisco, New York, Stockholm and Sydney.

Another area for employees to sit and work

One of the conference rooms

And here’s a view of one of the phone rooms for a more private work area. We installed floating acacia wood ledges so employees could work on their laptops while jotting down notes and ideas on the glass wall.

This project had a quick turnaround and I’m happy to say it was all done in time for the holiday parties.

Coastal Modern

Modern coastal interior design (1)

I’m finishing up a very productive week in LA. I prepped for some shoots I have scheduled in two weeks, met with a new client, as well as checked on progress with a few other clients. One of the projects I’m working on is for a family living in Culver City. They have busy and hectic lives which include training a rescue puppy. The puppy was actually hindering the design progress for a bit (not his fault), but now we’re all back on track.

Modern coastal interior design (2)

The home is a rental, but my clients still want to make it comfortable and beautiful while they are living there. They also want to go for a coastal modern feel with a bit of eclectic, midcentury flair.

Modern coastal interior design (3)

I have to keep budget in mind as well as making sure the new furniture can move with the family when they do find their forever home.

Modern coastal interior design (4)

We’re planning on retailing some furniture but mixing the new pieces with the family’s current pieces (which will be transformed by Mend magic). Coastal modern here we come.

Modern coastal interior design (5)

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Recovering from a day of heavy dip eating, not so exciting game and not so funny commercials. Also, very sad about Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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IKEA : BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (10)

So, I’m really hoping the new BRÅKIG limited edition collection from Ikea will also be launching in the US this coming February. I’ve been seeing these pretty pastel images on the international interwebs and I’m not gonna lie, kinda excited they’re bringing back the Frosta stool. I mean how else can you buy a tall stack of Alto wannabes for pennies (even if they do have one extra leg)? The BRÅKIG  collection is in in collaboration with ArtRebels, a Danish collective made up of designers, film-makers and other artists from around the world. Scandinavian design, pastel colours and clean, graphic shapes. What’s not to love?

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (1)

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (2)

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (3)

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (12)

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (5)

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (13)

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (7)

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (6)

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (8)

IKEA BRÅKIG Limited Edition Collection Frosta Stool (9)

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Ikea Hack: Kitchen Table

Ikea Hack Dining Table

When I first moved into my apartment, I knew this little corner would be the perfect nook for lazy weekend breakfasts. I came up with this Ikea hack because I already owned this table but the top was too big for the space. Since there were so many other pieces of furniture I needed to purchase for the apartment, having had to transition from a SoCal loft to a city apartment (read small), I had to keep budget in mind, so I paid a visit to good ol’ Ikea. I decided to purchase a countertop from the kitchen department (similar one here) and attach it to my table base for a cheap-o Saarinen-esque feel. I thought it turned out pretty good, if a little unstable. After two years of unstableness, I decided it was time for a new base scenario…will share photos of my new-ish kitchen table soon.