Before & After: Double Duty Nursery

It’s about that time in my life where I feel like so many women around me are having babies. It makes sense, they (and I) are of a ‘certain age’ and it’s been really wonderful to see my friends transition into parenthood. I do not currently have a little human of my own, but designing other people’s nurseries has been plenty of ‘baby’ in my life so far.

I’ve shared a few snippets of this nursery before, but I wanted to give you the full before and after tour. Seeing the ‘after’ is always great, but sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder of what the ‘before’ was like to see the progress and complete transformation. You can see the design board here and below was the original inspiration.

The clients for this project were the owners of Tide & Pool so we knew the design direction was going to be beach-y, playful, modern and a space their baby could grow with. This nursery also needed to be gender neutral since the parents didn’t know the sex of their baby and it also needed to function as a guest room.

Beachy modern nursery (1)

I know you’ve heard it before, but paint can be so transformative! It’s the most cost effective thing you can do that has the most impact. Of course, you can hire someone to paint for you, but if you’re on a total budget, it’s something anyone can do themselves. So, we painted and removed the unsightly blinds.

Beachy modern nursery (2)

The nook behind the door was going to be wasted space until we decided to turn it into a reading corner.

Beachy modern nursery (3)

And obviously, there was a crib and changing table.

Beachy modern nursery (4)

We did a color block paint treatment on the walls and I seriously love how they turned out. The darker color on the bottom adds depth to the space without having to change anything architecturally.

Beachy modern nursery (5)

The blinds were replaced with reed shades and then flanked with some whimsical, tasseled panels.

Beachy modern nursery (6)

The daybed and dresser will do double-duty for many years.

Beachy modern nursery (7)

Beachy modern nursery (8)

The reading nook turned out better than I hoped…this little one is going to be such a reader.

Beachy modern nursery (9)

I almost want to have my own baby just so I can design another nursery. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Vintage Spaces

Midcentury interior furniture

It really feels like spring is just around the corner. Okay, maybe not so much for your East Coasters right now, but I can totally see where the road ends to this California winter. If I had to give this name a room, I’d call it Lemonade.

image via here


drum, coat, cheese board

Color Study

Image via Reath Design

Fresh Start

Fresh and clean interior vignette

Returning to work after the holidays is always a little rough, but after a very relaxing staycation, I’m ready to get back at it. I’m starting the new year off with a trip to San Francisco, my first time back since I’ve moved, for a project with some lovely clients. After I return, I have some special projects that I’ve resolved to put energy towards, part of my new year goals. I love the motivation and energy a new year always brings and I’m hoping that momentum stays with me for as long as possible. Happy new year!

Before & After: Costco Shed Redesign

A dear friend of mine (and old boss, and by ‘old’ I mean ‘previous’, although I do enjoy referring to her as ‘mom’ sometimes to push her buttons), recently renovated a store bought shed into an oasis of an office/guest room. She, her husband, and daughter live in the cutest cottage (which is also awesome btw) but they needed some extra space. Instead of adding on to their current house, which can be a lot to take on, and very costly, they decided to resolve the space issue by customizing a shed they purchased from Costco and plopping it in their backyard.

They extended the roof line and added a tin roof, which completely makes the cookie cutter shed much more interesting architecturally.

Painted the exterior and added wood slats, which were leftover from when they redid their floors in the main house.

Removed the doors/top window and replaced them with glass inset sliding doors.

They added a floor to ceiling window on the back wall along with another window above the desk, letting in loads of natural light.

I was amazed to see the progress and loved how it all turned out, bookmarking this DIY stat!

Oh, Hi

Eclectic vintage rustic modern design

When I was getting ready for my move from San Francisco to Ojai, a friend told me that my life probably wouldn’t be ‘normal’ again for another 6 months. She was totally right. After a month and a half of bouncing around, Dre and I found a cute, little house to rent and as soon as we moved in, we left for a three week European adventure. Although fun and exciting, the trip was just plain bad timing. But life is short and we finally fulfilled Dre’s late mother’s wishes of traveling back to Germany with my father-in-law and meeting the whole fam. It was a really awesome trip.

Eclectic vintage rustic modern design (1)

As soon as Dre and I got back, we had to send out senior part-time model, Chloe, to doggie heaven. It was the first time either of us had to go through that experience and it was very sad and hard, but I know she lived a long (and spoiled) life and she’s in a much better place. It truly is like losing a family member.

Eclectic vintage rustic modern design (7)

Mercury in retrograde did a number on me, but I finally feel like I’m settling in and getting into the groove of things. There’s a bit of work to still be done in the house to really make it feel like home, but it’s slowly coming along. Some furniture needs to be bought and planting that needs to be done, but I am truly enjoying Ojai.

Eclectic vintage rustic modern design (2)

I can feel my design style changing to fit my new environment. Everything is still ‘eclectic vintage modern’, which has always been my comfort zone and what I’m drawn to the most, but there’s a little more rustic coming through, things are a bit more natural feeling, and there’s an ease I’m looking for in my surroundings.

Eclectic vintage rustic modern design

Eclectic vintage rustic modern design (5)

My goal is to get the house in order before the holidays so that I can focus on work, creative projects and entertaining with family and friends. I have no idea how all those bloggers get their spaces together the same week they move in, gotta give them props for getting it all done. I’ll try to be good about sharing my progress. Welcome to Ojai.

Eclectic vintage rustic modern design (3)

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Apartment Therapy Feature

Modern beachy nursery

This nursery I designed was recently featured on Apartment Therapy. Hop on over here to read a little more about this project.

Photo by Laure Joliet

Lego Decor

Kids room decor with Legos (1)

If you have young kids in your family, you may be somewhat familiar with a certain thing called Lego obsession. My nephew is cra cra about these things and can build 3000 piece sets in like an hour. To make the Lego building high last a little longer for your kids, try decorating with them. I love how these Lego rooms are kid friendly but still sophisticated, the approach I always like to take when decorating for kids.

Kids room decor with Legos (2)

Kids room decor with Legos (3)

Kids room decor with Legos (4)

Kids room decor with Legos (5)

Images via here

Before & After: Dining Chairs

Refurbished vintage dining chair

There are those times that you really just have to let some things go, things like that little thingamabob you got at a Chinese restaurant in Portugal because it always reminds you of the time you decided to backpack to a deserted, cold beach town in the middle of winter with your girlfriends (who knew?!) or those really cool, interesting shaped liquor bottles from your college days (just let go! you know who you are). In the case of a Culver City client, it is a good decision to keep a set of vintage dining chairs that have been passed down, especially when they’re in sturdy shape because all they really need is some re-loving.

Refurbished vintage chairs (1)

My client wasn’t ready for a total rehaul since she and her family are planning to eventually move out of their rental, but she did want to spruce things up a bit because she was definitely tired of all the “brown”. We decided to brighten up the space by refinishing the chairs in a glossy white finish and reupholster them in vibrant pattern that felt modern and coastal.

Refurbished vintage chairs (2)

The chairs look just like new!