Twenty Questions with Moi

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La Pitchoune

Julia Child's home in Provence (1)

Julia Child’s life and journey have always fascinated me, I’m sure it partly has to do with the fact that we both love food (very, very much!). She didn’t exactly have a rags to riches story, but she was a lost soul for a large portion of her adult life, and that’s something I feel a lot of us can relate to on some level. It wasn’t until the age of forty that she found her true calling and boy did she make an impact on the world of cooking.

Julia Child's home in Provence (2)

La Pitchoune was the summer home Julia and Paul built in 1963 on the homestead of her dear friend and co-author, Simone Beck. I’m sure I’m not the only one that daydreams about living in a countryside cottage in the south of France, but if my daydreams were to be manifested into a physical place it would surely be La Pitchoune. I can just see myself making Julia’s boeuf bourguignon every damn day in this kitchen.

Julia Child's home in Provence (4)

Julia Child's home in Provence (8)

Julia Child's home in Provence (3)

Julia Child's home in Provence (6)

Julia Child's home in Provence (7)

Julia Child's home in Provence (5)

I’m almost done reading Dearie, a story of Julia Child’s life, and of course my favorite parts are about the time she and her husband, Paul, spent in France. It’s basically a dream of mine to live in France, shop the markets everyday and take cooking classes, all while wearing a striped shirt with a baguette under my arm and a croissant in my mouth. A gal can dream…maybe I will just have to read My Life in France again and stare at these photos of Julia’s former home.

Julia Child's home in Provence (9)

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Before & After: Baby Boy Nursery

Designing this nursery for brand new parents was a super fun project. Having previously worked with my clients on other parts of their home, I was trusted with creating a playful space that their baby boy could grow up with. The space was previously a guest room turned storage room while other parts of the home were undergoing a remodel. We started with putting fresh coat of paint on the walls and installing new, textured carpet.

Before and After Nursery Interior Design

We repurposed a few pieces of furniture, which totally helped with the budget and worked well with the overall design.

Before and After Nursery Interior Design

Wallpaper is up along with a fun paint treatment.

Before and After Nursery Interior Design

And here’s the after!

Before and After Nursery Interior Design

Before and After Nursery Interior Design Paint

Before and After Nursery Interior Design Wallpaper

Before and After Nursery Interior Design Paint

Before and After Nursery Interior Design Storage

Before and After Nursery Interior Design Paint

Pianos in the Home

Piano interior design (6)

I grew up playing the piano, but it’s been forever and a minute since I’ve sat down and played. As a child, I begrudgingly went to my weekly lessons and pretended I wasn’t feeling well before every single recital, but after all those years of what I considered torture, I feel so grateful that my parents afforded me the opportunity of piano lessons.  One memory that is still so fresh in my mind is when my dad and uncle drove me all the way to Sacramento to play one song I had composed at some national championship thing, I was six. After driving all day to perform that one song, we got back in the car and drove all the way back home. Now as an adult(ish), I’m really looking forward to owning a piano again. As a creative, I feel the need for different outlets. As much as I love design, I just can’t live design 24/7. I believe having different outlets for creative expression keep me fresh, so working towards trying to play piano again, but first, a piano is needed.

Piano interior design (7)

Piano interior design (3)

Piano interior design (1)

Piano interior design (4)

Piano interior design (2)

Piano interior design (5)

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French Modern Inspiration

I’m working on a home in Los Angeles that has me all kinds of inspired. The architecture of the home is very ‘Fraunch’ as Franck from Father of the Bride would say and it is a total fixer upper (just wait until I share the before photos). We are definitely influenced by the architecture, but we’ll also be giving the home a modern spin while still keeping it cozy. This one is gonna be fun…

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Before & After: Surprise Bedroom Makeover

This Before & After was unique in that it was a complete birthday surprise from the Mrs. to the Mr. (and the design was almost all done while I was “on vacation”). My client and I had only a few weeks to get all our ducks in a row to install the day of her husband’s birthday. As you can see, the room had “good bones”, but it needed to be pulled together and a little wow factor never hurt anybody.

When it comes to wallpaper, the options can be endless. There’s a definite contrast of modern and traditional in this home (with a side of eclectic), so I wanted to carry that thread throughout the bedroom as well. I wanted a paper that was impactful, fun, a bit masculine, but not too wild. We started here (below) and I was really feeling the infamous palms paper, but in the end, my client and I both fell in love with the classic David Hicks geometric hexagon pattern.

The wallpaper makes an impression upon entry, but isn’t overwhelming, and that’s what I love about this space.

The jewel tones are gorgeous in this bedroom and who wouldn’t want to curl up in this corner with a good book?!?

The headboard and nightstands are in the same color family as the wallpaper, which helps make the room feel serene.

The gold and orange tones provide some cheer in this masculine and feminine bedroom, the perfect place to relax, rest and rejuvenate.

First Look at Marimekko for Target

It’s been a while since I’ve been super excited about a Target collaboration, but the superstore revealed it will partner with the Finnish clothing line Marimekko for its latest limited-edition collection. In addition to the usual apparel and home good items, the collection from the celebrated design house will also include some items like paddleboards, hammocks and parachutes. The inspiration for the collection include both the Finnish summer – when the sun stays out until close to midnight – and Finnish culture, which weighs heavily on gatherings among family and friends. Look for the full line to go on sale at Target stores and online April 17. Summer here we come!

Images: Target

Office Chair Roundup

It has finally happened…I’ve arrived at the point where I’m ready to purchase a big girl office chair. I’ve put off this moment for so long, mostly due to budget but more due to the fact that I like good-looking chairs. Good-looking chairs look nice in photos (see above), but they are not so friendly on my aging body. Per my acupuncturist’s suggestion, I’m ergo-ing up my workspace. After many years of owning vintage chairs and design knockoffs, I’m saying no to Pinterest-worthy chairs and yes to improving my posture, posterior, and overall body health.

This will probably be the least exciting round up ever, but I scoured the internet and user reviews for the best office chairs that will not completely break the bank and aren’t totally scary looking. The king of all chairs seems to still be Herman Miller’s Aeron chair. Along with having a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art, it has all the bells and whistles I’m looking for (adjustable everything and mesh…Ojai summer is a ways away but it is coming). My second favorite option is also from Herman Miller, the Sayl chair and is a more affordable chair from this iconic brand. I love the design of this chair, but will be heavily weighing all the below options…which ones do you like?

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Surprise Bedroom Makeover

Wallpaper Bedroom Makeover

Design projects can sometimes be quite the process. Months to years can go by before you see the final result, so when a client asked if I would give her master bedroom a makeover as a surprise gift to her husband (and within a month), I was completely up for the challenge. Having worked with these clients before, I was mostly concerned with time and the fact that the husband can be quite particular, but the Mrs. made decisions quickly and we stayed away from any options that might be too “wild”. We pulled off the design without a hitch, installed the bedroom the morning of the Mr.’s birthday and he was very surprised (and he loved it!). Here’s a little sneak peek, but stay tuned for the full reveal…