Ms. Day

I’ve always had a special affinity for old movies. I remember spending my lazy days as a teeny bopper watching movies on AMC…I had for sure watched my fair share of movies/musicals starring Danny Kaye, Gene Kelly, Ms. Monroe, etc. The rom-coms of the late 1950s – early ’60s are probably my favorite (most likely because this is definitely the era I was supposed to live in) and one of my ultimate favorites is Pillow Talk. I pretty much loved all the rom-coms Ms. Doris Day starred in and you can’t really beat the Rock Hudson-Doris Day combo (even if he did bat for the other team). I recently watched Pillow Talk again, having not seen it in a million years, and now I love it even more because I never realized she was an interior decorator in it! Not only is the set design amaze, really, it is, but she’s a decorator! Sorry, I just love seeing characters that are designers (i.e. Grace of Will & Grace and hello, Designing Women?). I guess I’m a nerd that way.

So, quick synopsis…Jan (Ms. Day) and Brad (Mr. Hudson) have never met but share a party line. Every time Jan needs to use the phone, Brad is on the other end singing to one of his many lady friends. Like any good rom-com, they fight, they hate, there’s a little singing, there is some sort of misunderstanding or mistaken identity, a little revenge, then there is love. Perfection.


It’s (Not That) Complicated

There was a lull in movies at our local cinema, so the bf and I decided to go see It’s Complicated for a night of mindless entertainment, and I have to say I was pleasantly entertained. Besides Alec Baldwin’s comedic acting, I was even more entertained by the set design…I can’t stop daydreaming about Meryl Streep’s house and kitchen! The kitchen itself is pretty subtle and understated, but it’s very bright and light, cozy and comforting. I want it! And can someone please open up a bakery just like Meryl’s in my neighborhood?? Please and thank you.


(images: Universal Pictures)

A Single House

Although it was not nominated for best movie, Tom Ford’s A Single Man did nab one Oscar nomination for Best Actor: Colin Firth. Not sure how many of you have seen the movie, and if you have, please let me know what you think…but story and acting aside, I was in love with George Falconer’s (Firth) house. I was melting over all the wood paneled walls, brick, glass, concrete…and all those wood slats…forgetaboutit! The house I’m speaking of is of course John Lautner’s Schaffer House.


In complete contrast to Falconer’s modernist and minimalist home, I was also dying over Charlotte’s (Moore) interiors. I’m still a fan Hollywood Regency…
This was probably one of the most visually orgasmic films I’ve seen…from the vintage mercedes, Falconer’s perfectly tailored wardrobe, Charlotte’s hair, make-up and dress…style over substance? I’ll let you be the judge. I say, not bad Mr. Ford.
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