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San Francisco Interior Designer (2)

Just in case you didn’t catch it, I was featured on Refinery29 last week (blush)! I was asked to select four looks which were then shot around my home and neighborhood. The blue house in this photo is actually where I live. And yes, I always wear my Vena Cava dress to ride my bike. Thank you to Ashely Batz for making me look good and thank you to R29 for having me! Please hop on over to check out my interview and peep my home.

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Tide & Pool

Luxurious Beach Towels Fun Colorful Retro Modern Whimsical Patterns Prints

You would not believe what the weather has been like in SF this past week…it’s almost as if summers do exist in the city! I’ve been wearing short shorts and dresses like nobody’s business and, wait for it…without even thinking about carrying a jacket. I know! Unheard of. All this heat has got me ramped up for summer in LA and my honeymoon in the Caribbean, and you know I would not be caught without the perfect accessories. I am ecstatic to introduce to you Tide & Pool.

Tide & Pool is finally here to fulfill all your luxurious and whimsical beach and poolside needs. These beach towels are oh so fun and ohhhhh so soft. I suggest you go on out and get yourself one (or two) while they’re hot!  I am so proud of the lovelies behind this company and cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us!

I am so proud of the lovelies behind this company and cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us!

*Enjoy 20% off with code DIVEIN at checkout (sale ends tomorrow at midnight ET)

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Under the Weather

Vintage Photo Girl In Bed

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, but am determined not to get sick and I have a feeling my mind over matter mentality will win this battle. Perhaps just a bit of rest and a little LA sun will do me some good. Until next week…

Viva Vena

I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a style rut lately and am anxiously waiting to add some fun new items to my sad closet. TGIF for Vena Cava’s brand new (and lower priced!) line!! Viva Vena is like Vena Cava’s spunky little sister and these pieces are makin’ me happy. You can also see their collection on actress Lizzy Caplan in this hilarious video.

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Happy Weekend

I’ll be baking in the sun all weekend at FYF Fest, but at least there will be some amazing bands to listen to while I melt away. Have a good one!

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Bring on the Heat

Black and White Fashion Photo Womens Bathing Suits on Beach

It’s a travel day and I cannot wait to get to some true summer weather.

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Levi’s SOHO Store

I’ve always been fascinated by retail design because of the innovation that can occur and the necessity for total functionality. Levi’s newest store opened up in NYC’s SOHO neighborhood and it definitely includes some “pioneering” design. All I’m gonna say is rope chandeliers…

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Happy Weekend

The weather report for this weekend is making me very happy. I’ll be riding my bike to the farmer’s market and picnicking at Dolores and doing whatever else to be outside to enjoy the sunshine. I do wish I looked this cute when I rode, though. I’m usually out of breath from trying to climb the hills on my awesome, but not so city functional, vintage Peugeot. My bangs are also going every which way from the wind and I do get a little sweaty Betty. Maybe that kerchief will do the trick…happy weekend!

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HBO Girls

Ok, who’s watching Girls on HBO? I got to spend a little quality time with my DVR yesterday and caught up on all the episodes. It’s pretty funny. T to the G-I-F that I am no longer in my twenties because there were definitely parts that made me grimace thinking about my younger years and all the dumb mistakes I made (read all the dumb boys I chased). And how fabulous are these outfits?? I’m convinced…I need flowy, floral pants.

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Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend Girl Roller Skates Fashion Oyster Magazine

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