Easter Inspiration

This Amy Butler fabric is my inspiration for Easter brunch at my sis’ house. I’m planning on making table runners out of this fabric and it’s setting the theme for our Easter tabletop and decor. Hopefully, we accomplish all our DIY crafts (because I have been known to get a little overly ambitious with certain projects)…I’ll post pics next week!


Thomas Paul

Thomas Paul is a product designer based out of New York and I have been a fan of his pillows, melamine ware, and home accessories for years. I had the opportunity to hear him speak during WestWeek about the evolution of his product to his fabric collaboration with Duralee, which I adore. He walked us through his journey of creating the Thomas Paul 2 print collection, from inspiration to artwork, to color selection and onto completion. He also talked about the process of working beyond a 20-inch world (a standard size of one of his pillows), which was a very new experience for him. Thomas is known for his iconic images with Andy Warhol coloring and I can’t wait to put his fabric into use. Stay tuned for new product in my etsy shop using some TP fabric!