Before & After: Baby Boy Nursery

Designing this nursery for brand new parents was a super fun project. Having previously worked with my clients on other parts of their home, I was trusted with creating a playful space that their baby boy could grow up with. The space was previously a guest room turned storage room while other parts of the home were undergoing a remodel. We started with putting fresh coat of paint on the walls and installing new, textured carpet.

Before and After Nursery Interior Design

We repurposed a few pieces of furniture, which totally helped with the budget and worked well with the overall design.

Before and After Nursery Interior Design

Wallpaper is up along with a fun paint treatment.

Before and After Nursery Interior Design

And here’s the after!

Before and After Nursery Interior Design

Before and After Nursery Interior Design Paint

Before and After Nursery Interior Design Wallpaper

Before and After Nursery Interior Design Paint

Before and After Nursery Interior Design Storage

Before and After Nursery Interior Design Paint

Commune for Christopher Farr Cloth

Commune Cactus Flower Green and Plaid Indigo

I’ve long been a fan of the design work from Commune, so of course, I’m quite excited about their new fabric collection for Christopher Farr Cloth. They’ve released three patterns in five colorways each and I feel they’re all very approachable for varied design styles. You can bet I’ll be trying to squeeze these into a project or two.

Kaleidoscope Orange and Cactus Flower Ruby

Plaid Lemon and Cactus Flower Lemon

Before & After: Surprise Bedroom Makeover

This Before & After was unique in that it was a complete birthday surprise from the Mrs. to the Mr. (and the design was almost all done while I was “on vacation”). My client and I had only a few weeks to get all our ducks in a row to install the day of her husband’s birthday. As you can see, the room had “good bones”, but it needed to be pulled together and a little wow factor never hurt anybody.

When it comes to wallpaper, the options can be endless. There’s a definite contrast of modern and traditional in this home (with a side of eclectic), so I wanted to carry that thread throughout the bedroom as well. I wanted a paper that was impactful, fun, a bit masculine, but not too wild. We started here (below) and I was really feeling the infamous palms paper, but in the end, my client and I both fell in love with the classic David Hicks geometric hexagon pattern.

The wallpaper makes an impression upon entry, but isn’t overwhelming, and that’s what I love about this space.

The jewel tones are gorgeous in this bedroom and who wouldn’t want to curl up in this corner with a good book?!?

The headboard and nightstands are in the same color family as the wallpaper, which helps make the room feel serene.

The gold and orange tones provide some cheer in this masculine and feminine bedroom, the perfect place to relax, rest and rejuvenate.

Josef Frank Inspiration

Josef Frank Textile Pattern Interiors (2)

I’m working on a project on the East Coast and my clients LOVE them some Josef Frank textiles (as do I). I think if it were up to the husband, the entire house would be covered in J. Frank patterns (kind of all about that). But as much as the wife loves the whimsical patterns, she’s more drawn to a neutral and traditional backdrop, so I’m helping marry their two styles.

Josef Frank Textile Pattern Interiors (1)

Josef Frank Textile Pattern Interiors (5)

Josef Frank Textile Pattern Interiors (3)

Josef Frank Textile Pattern Interiors (4)

Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Surprise Bedroom Makeover

Wallpaper Bedroom Makeover

Design projects can sometimes be quite the process. Months to years can go by before you see the final result, so when a client asked if I would give her master bedroom a makeover as a surprise gift to her husband (and within a month), I was completely up for the challenge. Having worked with these clients before, I was mostly concerned with time and the fact that the husband can be quite particular, but the Mrs. made decisions quickly and we stayed away from any options that might be too “wild”. We pulled off the design without a hitch, installed the bedroom the morning of the Mr.’s birthday and he was very surprised (and he loved it!). Here’s a little sneak peek, but stay tuned for the full reveal…

Garage Sale

Colorful pattern wallpaper

For all you SF-ers, I’m having a garage sale this Saturday, July 12! Will post address and time on Friday…come buy my stuff!

DVF x Kravet

Diane Von Furstenberg Fabrics (1)

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg has partnered up with furnishings and fabrics giant Kravet to launch her first collection of textiles and trimmings for the home. Bold stripes, geometrics, vivid florals, textured fabrics that resemble snake and crocodile skins, classic zebra, tiger, and cheetah motifs all show up in her debut line, patterns and prints that are synonymous with von Furstenberg’s clothing designs. Patterns such as Spotted Cat, Funky Zebra and Animal Ikat, all of which are available in shades of orange, red, and indigo will make a bold statement in any home.

Diane Von Furstenberg Fabrics

Diane Von Furstenberg Fabrics (2)

Diane Von Furstenberg Fabrics

Diane Von Furstenberg Fabrics (3)

Diane Von Furstenberg Fabrics

Images via Kravet

DwellStudio Decorative Modern

Design house DwellStudio looks back to art deco motifs, a bit of disco 70s glamour and influence of worldly travels for it’s fifth collaboration with Robert Allen. This collection is infused with bold patterns and plenty of texture allowing for effortless layering that is cultured and modern. Here are just a few of my faves…

Images via here

More Moorish

moorish: an architectural style that originated in medieval Spain and North Africa, distinguished by scalloped arches, filigreed stucco and ornate details

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