Greta and This Wild Idea

A couple weeks ago, on a very rainy day, I had a little shoot at my house with Greta as the star. We got to work with Theron of This Wild Idea to capture owner and dog for Nudges, a dog treat company. Greta was less than cooperative (what’s new), but the shoot was super fun. I only wished Maddie the Coonhound was there to dog whisper Greta for us.

Gone Campin’

Floating Bed Rope

Gone campin’ for the weekend. Have a good one ya’ll!

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You Guys

Wedding Getaway Car Decor Flowers Wreath

You guys, I’m in LA for the week having meetings and taking care of wedding biznass. I can’t believe it’s only a few weeks away…I’m having heart palpitations as I write that. Did I mention I just had a birthday? It was kinda overshadowed by wedding to-dos and such, but that’s okay, I think if I can make it to the actual wedding day, it will all be worth it, right?!

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Happy Weekend

Flowers in Wheelbarrow Spring Florals

I’ve got lots of spring cleaning and spring sprucing to do this weekend. How are you sprucing up your home for spring?

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Happy Weekend

Exploring With Camera Outdoors

There’s always the weekend to look forward to even after a stressful and hectic week. I plan on taking the camera out and learning how to use it more outside of the program setting. That setting has done me well, but I’ve got a pretty good camera so I might as well try little by little to use it to its fullest capabilities. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some photos of Greta at Fort Funston soon. Maybe I’ll lug the camera along with my new lens to the Morrissey concert, too, if that’s allowed. Or maybe I’ll just be too busy squealing inside and out and singing at the top of my lungs because I’ll be at Morrissey! Happy weekend friends!

Under the Weather

Vintage Photo Girl In Bed

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, but am determined not to get sick and I have a feeling my mind over matter mentality will win this battle. Perhaps just a bit of rest and a little LA sun will do me some good. Until next week…

Happy Weekend

Colorful Chairs Photo

It’s taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things, but I am ready to take on 2013. No new years resolutions, just ongoing goals and lists, but there are two importants things that I want to always keep in mind moving forward…be better and do better. I feel like if I keep these very simple mantras in mind, I’ll get to where I’m trying to go and I’ll enjoy the road there as well. Happy weekend!

Happy New Year

Vintage Disco Ball Photo

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The Gift of Pretty, Light and Scent

Pretty Candles Gifts

Are you completely out of gift ideas? No more time for all those handmade gifts you wanted to make? Stop right there and go buy some candles. They really are a great universal gift. Who doesn’t want their place to smell nice?? I know I do! And don’t fret if you think they’re not personal enough. Put some effort into the wrapping (have you been following all my gift wrap ideas?!) and you’re sure to have a happy gift recipient.

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Moving On

This is a photo I took last friday afternoon. It was a small piece of art on cardboard that two little girls had left on the ground at Tartine. These sweet girls were sharing a piece of chocolate cake with their dad after school. They sat right next to me, giggling and eating cake while I enjoyed my banana cream tart. They made me happy and sad all at the same time because they made me think about those little angels in Newtown, CT whose lives were cut way too short. I have this little piece of cardboard sitting on my desk now to remind me to be grateful and thankful for everyday I have and for everyday my loved ones have. My heavy heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy.