Tissue Paper Lanterns

I am in love with these tissue paper lanterns! Serioulsy, I almost fell over when I saw these. Not only are they totally darling they are super easy to make. You can purchase pre-cut circle tissue paper and all you do is tape them around round paper lanterns. Now that’s what I consider my kind of craft. This project is in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living…thanks Martha!

image: Martha Stewart

Ladies Craft Night

I don’t know about you, but I am amped for this holiday season! This is my favorite time of year and Christmas is my all time fave. My christmas lights are up, two tinsel trees have been decorated and I hope to be adding a third tree (a real one) this weekend. Along with all the decorating, I have been a busy bee hosting a ladies craft in preparation for the gift giving season. I’d first like to thank the world wide web and all the creative people that contribute to it with awesome craft projects. There are so many things to be made!

I wanted to ease into craft night with a pretty simple project so we started off with coasters. These are amazingly easy to make and such a great gift! Below is a photo of Stacia’s coasters…so mid-cenutry chic.


Click here to read a tutorial.

Our second project was a pom pom wreath and I think I’m going to have to start attending aa meetings for pom pom making addiction. I love this project and although a little time consuming, so worth it! Below is a photo of how Lisa’s wreath turned out…love the bubble gum pink.


Click here to see a tutorial.

Cuore + Good Housekeeping + Etsy Collaboration

I just have to take a moment and brag about my good friend Mika Y over at Cuore. She recently did a collaboration with Good Housekeeping and Etsy and let’s just say it is UH-DOR-A-BLE! This puppy bib is part of a limited edition run and is currently featured in Good Housekeeping magazine. Her craftWOMANship never ceases to amaze me!


You can check out her shop here and buy this puppy bib for a little human here.

Easter Delight

I’m still recovering from my Easter brunch food coma, but I did want to share some photos from my lovely and delicious afternoon with the fam. I think our spring decor turned out really cute and a high five up top to my sis, T, for all the floral arrangements.

Easter Inspiration

This Amy Butler fabric is my inspiration for Easter brunch at my sis’ house. I’m planning on making table runners out of this fabric and it’s setting the theme for our Easter tabletop and decor. Hopefully, we accomplish all our DIY crafts (because I have been known to get a little overly ambitious with certain projects)…I’ll post pics next week!


V-Day Cards for You Pet Lovers

I’m the proud parent of two rambunctious pups, Chloe, age 14, and Greta age 2. So naturally, I’m an animal lover and anything with a dog on it, I’m pretty much a fan of. Maybe it’s a little overboard to give your pet a card, but it certainly isn’t crazy to give a loved one (i.e. a human) a special handmade valentine donning your favorite animal. Cuore has these wonderful heart-shaped cards with some adorable little pups on them. If you’re the parent of one of the breeds below, or you know someone that is loco for their pet, it’s your lucky day because they still have these cards in stock, if not, Cuore does take custom orders so you can have as many cards (or pillows) as you please with the face of your loved one (i.e. dog, cat, rock, etc). Happy early v-day!

Ladies Night <3

i love to entertain and i’ve realized that i don’t do it enough! note to self: have friends and family over more often in 2010. i did have some ladies over the other night for a little pre-v-day celebration and we all enjoyed some yummy food and some really yummy sangria, neither of which were provided by me this time, but i did contribute the heart shaped brownies, heart topped cupcakes, and a tabletop set with love.