Day 10 CC: Woven Ribbon Gift Wrap

If I could give one piece of advice this holiday season it would be make double-sided tape your best friend.


-A few different sized ribbons, colors and patterns

-Double-sided tape


-Wrapping Paper

Let’s do this:

-Start by wrapping your present and taping base ribbon on backside

-Add second layer of ribbon, tape on backside

-Add third layer of ribbon, weaving ribbon through other ribbons

-Add final ribbon layer, weaving ribbon through other ribbons

-Take a photo of your loved one’s face when they receive your beautifully wrapped gift

Day 9 CC: DIY Holiday Cards

Simple Easy DIY Handmade Christmas Cards

These are super simple Christmas cards I’ve made with materials I had on hand.


-Red cardstock

-White cardstock

-Green wavy ribbon/trim

-Gold wavy ribbon/trim


Let’s do this:

-Cut and fold red cardstock to desired card size

-Cut out white cardstock a bit smaller than red card and glue to cover of red card

-Cut green wavy ribbon in three different sizes, the following size a bit smaller than the first

-Cut gold ribbon the length of one “wave”

-Glue cut green and gold ribbon pieces to front of card to form a Christmas tree

Day 8 CC: Scalloped Pom Pom Tree Skirt

I had a bit of a craft debacle yesterday in that my craft was just not working out so technically I missed a day of Christmas Crafting. I had to abandon ship and start on another craft, so here it is a scalloped pom pom skirt. I’ve had this ready made scalloped skirt for a while, but I decided to spruce it up this year by adding my favorite things ever…pom poms!


-Scalloped tree skirt


-Clover pom pom maker

-Small scissors

Let’s do this:

-Start by making pom poms using the Clover pom pom maker (the greatest invention ever)

-When pom poms are complete, cut small slits about 3/4″ from scalloped edges of tree skirt

-Thread one piece of long yarn from pom pom into slit and tie a knot attaching the pom pom to skirt. Trim long pieces of yarn

Day 7 CC: Hand Painted Ornaments

Simple Easy DIY Hand Painted Plaster Ornaments


-Paint brushes

-Plaster ornaments



Let’s do this:

-Paint your favorite patterns using your favorite colors on plaster ornaments…possibilites are endless!

Day 6 CC: Glitter Picks


-Glitter paper


-Hole puncher


Let’s do this:

-Punch out circles

-Dot glue on one circle, place toothpick on glue, sandwich toothpick with another circle

-Place picks inside a book until glue is dry

-Glitter up your meatballs or any other appetizer

Day 5 CC: Pinecone Pom Trees

They’re so cute how could you not make them?!?



-Small terra cotta pots

-Mini poms

-Glue gun

Let’s do this:

-Glue poms all around the pinecone

-Place glue along inside rim of pot and place decorated pinecone into pot

-Stare at how cute your pinecone is

Day 4 CC: Sparkle Pom Cocktail Mixers

There’s no need to be ashamed if you are a non-crafter. Adding little details like these sparkle pom drink mixers to your party will fool all your friends and family! Only two things are needed for this craft and you’ll probably be able to turn out 100 pom mixers in five minutes flat.


-Sparkle poms

-Barbecue wood skewers

Let’s do this:

-Using sharp end of skewer, slide pom onto skewer taking care not to push skewer all the way through.

-Get to cocktail-ing!

Day 3 CC: Gift Tags

DIY gift tags made from items that can all be found at your office supply store.


-Marking tags

-Color coding sticker labels


Let’s do this:

-Just start sticker-ing away making your favorite holiday shapes and voila, DIY gift tags ready for all your prezzies!

Day 2 CC: Holiday Greeting Cards

Glittered single word greeting cards to send out this holiday!




-Craft glue


Let’s do this:

Step 1- Cut out your cards and fold.

Step 2- Write your holiday greeting word on card with glue. I used “Merry”, “Joy” and “Jolly”.

Step 3- Sprinkle glitter over glue. I used a rimmed plate to keep excess glitter from goin’ all over the place

Step 4- Continue with other greetings, let dry and tap off excess glitter.

Day 1 CC: Multicolored Layered Ribbon

My very first job was a gift wrapper at Ralph Lauren, which might explain my obsession with malls and the reason why I’m such a mallrat, so I take some pride in my wrapping skills. A layered bow is a simple way to make that gift just a bit more special.




-Double-sided tape

Let’s do this:

Step 1- Cut 4 strips of ribbon. The smallest strip should be long enough that when looped will be as wide as the width of the ribbon. Each following strip should be about 2 inches longer than the preceding strip.

Step 2- With ribbon strips face down, fold ends to center and adhere with tape to form two loops. Also, cut a tail longer than the largest loop, ideally the width of your gift, and notch the ends.

Step 3- Stack tail and looped ribbons, adhering the centers with tape.

Step 4- Center the bow on gift and adhere to package with tape. Thread a piece of ribbon through the center loop and wrap around package , taping the back to secure the bow.