It’s October

Fall Autumn Flower Arrangement Bouquet

It’s the start of a new month which always signifies a renewal of goals for me. You’ll be seeing a new collection of footstools along with more frequent additions to the shop, more rescued and re-loved furniture (I’ve missed doing this), a quarterly newsletter delivered to your inbox (if you’d like to be added to my email list please sign up on the homepage or comment below), hopefully some better updates on the design projects I’m working on (I’m the worst at this), and since the holidays are just around the corner you’ll be seeing more crafts (I’ve finally recovered from wedding crafting and ready to join the crafting community again). And flowers! You’ll be seeing more arranegments since flowers make me beyond happy. I’ve got a pretty good excuse to have them around more often so stay tuned. Happy October!

Confessions of a Bride

Today marks two months of being married and I’m finally feeling somewhat recuperated from all the wedding planning. I still have my thank yous to do, but I’ve been avoiding them like the plague because I really (really) needed a break from anything wedding related. It’s not that I didn’t want to say ‘thank you’ to all our wonderful friends and family that showered us with their presence and gifts, but I just needed a wee bit of time to not think about any of that stuff. According to Emily Post, you should write your thank yous within three months of receiving gifts, so I’ve got just enough time.

The wedding went almost exactly as planned. It’s so strange how sooooo much planning goes into this one day and just like that, it’s over. There were many months of planning and budgeting, disagreements and tears, almost calling off the wedding (not to be mistaken with calling off the marriage), parental annoyances, crafting overload and too many trips to the flower mart. Despite all the months of planning, what it came down to was the week of the wedding, probably the most stressful week of my life. There were at least 2-3 close calls to a nervous breakdown, definitely a lack of sleep, a clementine emergency, and at least one private cry. Was it all worth it? A definite yes!

I’m happy to say that the morning of my wedding, after the beating of that last week, I woke up rested and feeling like a brand new person. I wrote my vows early that morning with my husband-to-be still sleeping next to me. Yes, you’re supposed to start writing your vows a couple months before the actual wedding, but neither of us had actually given the ceremony part any thought until that last week. My brother-in-law was the officiant and he was professional and inappropriate all at the same time. Our vows were heartfelt and humorous with Andreas being the bigger crier by far. It all happened the way it was supposed to and the ceremony was perfect.

I still can’t believe how amazing it was to have all the people you love and care about in one place. And they’re all there for you. We had entertained the idea of eloping for a while, but I am so glad we didn’t. There are not many opportunities in life where all the people that are important to you are in the same place to celebrate such a momentous day.

Because we are such event, marketing, design, planner people by nature and trade, Andreas and I spent the first few days of our honeymoon analyzing the whole wedding. Don’t get me wrong, we had a TOTAL blast at the wedding. Drinks were had by many, dinner and dancing ensued, a joyous (and drunken) rant reminiscent of those infamous Anthem x Coachella parties occurred (not by me but my better half) which included calling out babies in wombs to get on the dance floor and a necessity of earmuffs for my 8 yr. old nephew.  It was a good time for sure and things that we noticed after the fact I’m sure were not noticed by anyone else. Here are the things we wish we could do-over…

  • I absolutely loved the venue we picked, but I wish that we could have had at least one more hour for the festivities. They gave us a 5 hour block for the event and we could have really used that extra hour. Five hours is just not enough time for a ceremony and reception and partying, I think six hours is the minimum for any wedding. Also, there was a sound ordinance after a certain time, so the volume of the music was not up to my standards towards the end.
  • The caterer we hired was great and accommodating up until the actual day, but they kinda failed us on a few levels day of. I was hands off towards the end because I didn’t want to be a micro-manager, but I realized I should have micromanaged.
  • The biggest ‘wish we could do-over’ we both had was not making the rounds with all the older folks. Our parents had a handful of friends and some distant family members that came that neither of us ever see and we didn’t get a chance to say hello. This was a big regret 🙁
  • I wish we would’ve played ‘Blurred Lines‘.

So, now that I’m a Mrs. I think I’ve had enough experience to offer you brides-to-be some advice.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff the day of your wedding. Do it before or after. I was (surprisingly) cool as a cucumber the entire day and it was awesome.
  • Don’t be a bridezilla, just don’t.
  • If you can afford it, hire a videographer, or have many of your friends video instagram throughout the day.
  • Party hearty with your friends, but make sure to say hello and pay respect to your elders. They probably won’t be around as long as your friends.
  • If you can remember, take your groom and escape to a vantage point just for a few minutes during your reception. Take a look at all your loved ones, all your hard work, and just take it all in. You’re married now!
  • Have a wedding. Big or small, expensivo or super budg, just do it. You won’t regret it.

That’s all I’ve got and I’m stickin’ to it.

Emma Magazine

May 2013 Cover Photo

Have you had a chance to check out the May issue of Emma?? They featured some before and afters from yours truly (starting on page 44)!

Image via Emma

Fiber Art by Brook&Lyn

Weavings Brook&Lyn (1)

Fiber art has been making a comeback and I am all for celebrating this resurgence. These weavings from Brook&Lyn artist Mimi Jung are gorgeous, textural sculptures. The color combinations are soothing to the eyes and the brighter hues give a modern feel to this retro craft. I’m eyeing the teal/green one…

Weavings Brook&Lyn (2)

Weavings Brook&Lyn (3)

Weavings Brook&Lyn (5)

Weavings Brook&Lyn (6)

Weavings Brook&Lyn (7)

Images via here

Happy Hearts Day

Valentines Tabletop

My favorite hearts holiday started off with a special breakfast for my boo. Hope your day is filled with much love, too!

Merry Merry

I had grand ideas of the cutest family Christmas photo which would include my very last craft for the season, but alas the crazy pups would not coordinate and this was the only photo that was of use. Greta’s wearing a no sew doggie bow tie and the tutorial can be found here. I have no idea where Chloe was at this point, but she wasn’t having it. Merry Merry everyone!!

Day 24 CC: Flashy Snack Packs

Simple Easy DIY Snack Gift Bags

These are so easy to make and can totally be customized to your party’s theme, although I really do love this gold!


-Parchment paper

-Decorative duct tape


Let’s do this:

Step 1- Cut parchment paper to 5″x12″ piece

Step 2/3- Fold parchment piece in half and tape on either open side of folded paper

Step 4- Cut off excess tape along open end of pouch

Day 23 CC: Firecracker Bows


-Ready-made bows



-Double-sided tape

Let’s do this:

Step 1- Cut loops of small bow and large bow at an angle

Step 2- Adhere smaller bow at center of larger bow. Use tape if necessary

Step 3- Boom

Day 22 CC: Festive Envelopes

A simple card in a pretty envelope can be just the right present.


-Fun times pattern paper

-Double-sided tape

-Bone folder


-Envelope (to use as template)

Let’s do this:

-Unfold ready made envelope to use as template

-Place unfolded envelope on backside of pattern paper

-Trace the envelope and cut

-Use bone folder to score lines same as ready made envelope

-Fold along scored lines and use double-sided tape to form new envelope

Day 21 CC: Custom Pattern Wrapping Paper


-Cutting mat

-Ruler/Straight edge


-X-acto knife

-Foam core


-Stamp ink pad

Let’s do this:

Step 1- Cut tree shapes and rectangle the size of your ink pad from foam core with your x-acto

Step 2- Adhere tree shapes to rectangle with glue. You have your stamp!

Step 3- Wrap your present.

Step 4- Stamp away