Ikea Hack: Kitchen Table

Ikea Hack Dining Table

When I first moved into my apartment, I knew this little corner would be the perfect nook for lazy weekend breakfasts. I came up with this Ikea hack because I already owned this table but the top was too big for the space. Since there were so many other pieces of furniture I needed to purchase for the apartment, having had to transition from a SoCal loft to a city apartment (read small), I had to keep budget in mind, so I paid a visit to good ol’ Ikea. I decided to purchase a countertop from the kitchen department (similar one here) and attach it to my table base for a cheap-o Saarinen-esque feel. I thought it turned out pretty good, if a little unstable. After two years of unstableness, I decided it was time for a new base scenario…will share photos of my new-ish kitchen table soon.

Merry Merry!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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Bloom That

It’s gettin’ down to the wire folks, only one week left until Christmas! If you live in SF and are looking to send a sweet little something to either your family, friends, a crush at work, your boss, or a complete stranger, Bloom That has super affordable and beautifully arranged bouquets, wreaths and even mini pies and they’re all delivered within 90 minutes. Their floral assortment is simply curated from what’s local and in-season. It’s a pretty good resource for all you procrastinators…now get to it!

Vintage Spaces

Retro Midcentury Christmas Holiday Decorations

Vintage Christmas decor at its finest.

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Edible Fall Centerpiece

Easy Fall table arrangement using vegetables (2)

I’ve got Fall entertaining on the mind so I came up with a super easy (and edible) centerpiece that anyone can do. All you need is a basket or tray, I got mine here, and then grab some veggies and get goin’!

Easy Fall table arrangement using vegetables (1)

I wanted to keep the palette pretty neutral, with just a touch of color, because my tablecloth was full of pattern and color. I selected some pale colored pumpkins, 2-3 different kinds of lettuce or kale (the pinkish ones are faux) and a few heads of cauliflower.

Easy Fall table arrangement using vegetables (6)

Start by placing the largest veggies, in this case the cauliflower, in your basket or tray. Next, fill in the larger gaps with the pumpkins and then arrange the lettuces in the remaining areas.

Easy Fall table arrangement using vegetables (4)

Easy Fall table arrangement using vegetables (3)

Easy Fall table arrangement using vegetables (5)

Autumn Mantle Decor

Fall Autumn fireplace mantle decor (3)

I Fall-ed up my fireplace mantle this weekend and don’t tell anyone, but I did it all using faux greenery! Nothing beats fresh flowers and garland, but I thought it would be fun to try and create a pretty arrangement using only silk plants without it looking too cheesy. I used some of the same pumpkins from my Halloween mantle, a few silk magnolia leaf bunches, faux olive branches, a votive holder from my wedding, a vintage vase full of feather sprays at the base, peacock feathers with tall reeds and then I balanced it out with two turned wood candle holders on the opposite side. Not bad for some faux-fakes, eh? Now back to turkey research…I’m making my very first turkey this Thanksgiving!

Fall Autumn fireplace mantle decor (2)

Fall Autumn fireplace mantle decor (1)

Sophisticated Halloween Tabletop

simple and elegant halloween table decor

Did anyone go out  for Halloween over the weekend? Are you still in search of a costume?! Well, just in case you’re planning on having a little sit down soiree this week, here’s a little inspiration for ya. I’m continuing my sophisticated Halloween decor using the witch hat and skull I created over the last few weeks. With very little elbow grease, you can create a simple and sophisticated tablescape that will have your friends ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Enjoy!

Skull Centerpiece

easy sophisticated halloween tabletop decor

The Halloween decorating continues with this simple and crafty skull centerpiece. I picked up a few paper mache skulls at my craft store and had grand ideas of painting them a la Dia de los Muertos, then I thought I could just paint them white like a regular skull, then my true lazy crafter self stepped in and said to just leave them as is. I actually do like the natural texture from the unfinished paper mache skull and it adds to the sophisticated decor I’ve been after.

Using an x-acto knife, simply cut a round hole at the top of the skull to fit either a votive candle holder or shot glass, whatever you have on hand. Fill the holder with some water and insert into skull. Fill with Halloween-ish flowers. Check back in next week to see how I put together the witch hat and this skull for a simple and elegant tabletop.

Witch Hat Centerpiece

Sophisticated Halloween Decor Tabletop

You guys, I love Halloween. The reason why I probably love it so much is because it’s the beginning of my most favorite holiday trifecta. I’m taking inspiration with my floral decor this season from interiors. This simple centerpiece is made from a paper mache witch’s hat (which I painted black), barked wire wrapped around the base of the hat, some liquid amber leaves, seeded eucalyptus and some daisies (?).

Sophisticated Halloween Decor Tabletop

I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t have a ton of knowledge regarding flower species, but that doesn’t keep me from making my own arrangements and it shouldn’t keep you from trying either. I learn as I go and I use flowers and fillers than I’m visually drawn to. My last big floral achievement was my wedding, then there was the Alice Waters and Levis event, and some showers and parties sprinkled in here and there. Flowers are fun for me. You get quicker gratification with flowers compared to design projects that can take months to complete. Another reason why I love flower arranging is that they really don’t have to be fussy or complicated. The mere fact that you went out and got some flowers to put in a vase is success enough!

Halloween Mantle Decor

Sophisticated Halloween Fireplace Decorations Decor Inspired by The Birds (2)

This year I decided to tame down the Halloween decorations and only keep them to the living room fireplace mantle. No plastic, orange pumpkins, spider webs or bat silhouettes. Don’t get me wrong, I love all those things and get super gitty when I start to see the Halloween aisles appear in the stores, but I thought I would go a bit more sophisticated this time around. And just to clarify, I don’t have children, I decorate for Halloween just for me 🙂

Sophisticated Halloween Fireplace Decorations Decor Inspired by The Birds (3)

I was inspired by “The Birds” since I just went to Bodega Bay, where the movie was filmed, and these faux crows feel a bit Edgar Allen Poe-ish, so no spiders this year, just birds. I also added in some of these long stemmed squash guys because their stems are pretty creepy. Candy bowls are filled in the house and I’m ready to get my Halloween on. What about you? Do you know what you’re gonna be yet? Hashtag sexy ghost?

Sophisticated Halloween Fireplace Decorations Decor Inspired by The Birds (1)