Art In The Streets at MOCA

How was everyone’s weekend? I hope most of you were basking in the sun somwhere. I kicked off my weekend with the opening party for Art in the Streets at the Geffen Contemporary at Moca and it was a deeelightful night. Unfortunately, the BF and I showed up somewhat fashionably late, and not by choice, but because well, we tend to be late to things (and it’s usually not because of me ;p). We’re workin’ on it. So because of our tardiness, we rushed through the exhibit to take in as much as possible and it was a whirlwind of goodness with some celebrity sprinkled in.

Art in the Streets is the first U.S. museum exhibition of the history of graffiti and street art. The exhibition showcases installations by some of the most prominent artists from the graffiti and street art community. There is also emphasis on the photographers and filmmakers who documented graffiti and street art culture. It is the most visually stimulating history lesson I’ve ever experienced. If you live in or around LA, you must must go see this exhibit. I’m already planning my visit back.

Along with taking in all the art and bowing down to many of the Beautiful Losers all-stars, I couldn’t help but notice the celebs rubbing elbows all around me. If you didn’t already know, I love me a celeb sighting. Yes, I know they are all human beings just like us, but I’m a spaz/nerd and I can’t help but get excited. That’s pretty much the reason why I could never be with Ryan Gosling…I would pass out every time I saw him.

Although I spotted a few celebs, including Drew Barrymore, Joy Bryant, Jeremy Scott, to name a few, there were plenty that I didn’t see, including Gwen Stefani and her hubby! She’s my Anacrime sista from another mista and I would have loved to tap her on the shoulder to tell her how much I adore her. Others left unseen were Justin Timberlake, Lance Armstrong, Adrian Grenier, Jake Gyllenhall, Seth Rogan, and Christina Ricci. Oh well, I’m sure I saved myself some embarrasment. Celebrities aside, you need to go check out this exhibit!

images: Huf, Milk Teeths

NY Diary: Day Three

It’s in the high 50s today in Cali and it almost feels like I’m back in New York (har har). Not really, but it’s cold enough here to wear one of my super thick knit sweaters (actually it’s my BF’s sweater, really into stealing his clothes these days) and I’m wishin’ I was back in the Big Apple. So it’s my third day in NY…

Cafe Cafe

And I need to get a latte to start my day. It’s my medicine. Cafe Cafe is my go to spot in Soho. Encountered this little cafe when I stayed at the Soho Grand last year and it’s super close to where I stayed this time around. Convenience is key when you are barely awake and functioning. There’s nothing overly fantastic about this place but my BF is very picky about his chai teas and he enjoys it here (just make sure to ask for extra chai). It feels very “international” to me for some reason, hostel-like almost, but not in the gross, finding a used band-aid in the shower kind of way. They have yummy blueberry muffins, too.



Shopping continues and we make our way over to the West Village. It’s very hard for me to pass up bookstores, so when I saw Bookmarc I was ecstatic. Bookmarc is Marc Jacob’s newest venture….it took me about 1.5 seconds to get it 🙂 I like books and I like Marc Jacobs so it was a match made in heaven. This shop carries a variety of great titles, some out of print, and an array of very affordable MJ goods, such as pencils, notebooks, key chains, wallets, totes, etc.


Castor & Pollux

Women’s apparel boutique carrying modern but feminine lines. It’s a cozy little shop and I walked away with a super cute blue chambray dress.


Elizabeth Bauer

Home store we popped into before gettin’ our grub on. There are unique furniture pieces with some small home goods. This designer loves color and pattern so it was right up my alley.



If you like perfectly cooked, super thin crust pizza than this is your spot in the East Village. A mini blizzard started as we made our way to Gruppo, so to sit down in a warm place and have pizza served to you was heaven. My only critique is that there could’ve been more flavor in the sausage, but I was a pretty happy camper.



I love the Guggenheim. If I lived in New York, I would probably come here all the time. Although, I’m not an art buff, I have such respect for the architecture and I just love nerding around in museums. I would come here on a weekday afternoon to avoid the crowds, and then I would stop in at Cafe Sabarsky, an Austrian cafe, for some coffee and strudel. It was my BF’s first time here and unfortunately a lot of the exhibitions were closed, but he got to experience the Gugg and we enjoyed some Bauhaus action.



I’m an overpacker. Always have been. I probably brought at least a dozen pairs of shoes last time I came to NY and only wore about three pairs. So this time, I was really good, so proud of myself. Big mistake! I kept my eye on the weather reports, I knew it was gonna snow, I knew the streets would be filled with that black ice, and I still did not bring the appropriate shoes for some reason. So after a few days of slidin’ around town, I broke down and purchased some functional shoes. After an exhausting day of shopping and culture, I was determined to find the perfect pair of shoes. I dragged my BF to a million shops in Soho (such a good sport) only to end up at the very first store we went to, Tretorn. Scored some galoshes and lace up boots, both on sale. Holla.


Ryan McGinness

After resting up a bit, I met up with my BFF to check out the opening night of Ryan McGinness’ ‘Black Holes’ at the Phillips de Pury gallery in the Meatpacking District. McGinness’ ‘Black Holes’ is a series of round paintings on canvasses and wood panels, blasting fluorescent arabesque patterns.


Northeast Kingdom

Ended the night with a late meal at Northeast Kingdom in Bushwick Brooklyn. This restaurant is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, part cabin, part Grandma’s living room. They’re all about local food here and they list all the “farms & friends” that grow and raise their ingredients on a big chalkboard. I filled my belly and took a car back into Manhattan because it was late and f-ing cold. Food + sleep = good times.


images: Cafe Cafe, Racked, Veranda, Elizabeth Bauer, Gruppo, FreshnessMag, Brooklyn Street Art, Northeast Kingdom

David Weidman

David Weidman is “the best almost-undiscovered designer in Los Angeles” according to Disney animation art director, Michael Giaimo, and he is best known for his work as an animator in the 1950s. He painted backgrounds for Hannah Barbara and set the standard for the look of cartoons in that era, cartoons such as “Mr. Magoo” and “Crusader Rabbit”. He was then urged by his wife, Dorothy, to take up silk-screening, and so he did, producing over 300 designs and serigraphs by hand.

At the age of 89, Weidman is experiencing a revival. He recently did a collaboration with Urban Outfitters, producing Weidman pillows and wall art and I’m glad he is finally getting some recognition. He wears a top hat for heaven’s sake! I love his work because it’s vintage and whimsical, two things I try to apply to my design every day. And really, it just makes me happy.


The Vintage Collective in Long Beach, Ca carries original Weidman 1960s prints and I believe the store is planning a show for him this month. Call the shop for details.

images: LA Times, David Weidman

Photographer Julie Blackmon

I recently discovered photographer/mother, Julie Blackmon, while at photo l.a. and was immediately drawn to her photos because of the intensity of color and how the interior/exterior backdrops seemed to also become the subject of each piece. Blackmon’s staged scenes of family life are a portal to another reality and I love how cheeky they all are! Her work makes me want to climb into each photo and dabble in the fantasy and chaos, even if just for a little while.