Cabin Fever

Manifest Destiny Hotel Des Arts San Francisco CabinManifest Destiny Hotel Des Arts San Francisco Cabin

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Hurvin Anderson

Hurvin Anderson Art

I like.

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Vintage Travel Tags Art Collage

I’m LA bound for some work, some play, some shopping, and some major turkey action this week. And this vintage travel tag collage is givin’ me some DIY art ideas…isn’t it so simple and cute?!

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Wary Meyers

I am in awe of the super creative husband and wife team behind Wary Meyers. My friend Jeff sent me over their site and I can’t get over their installations. I love the scale and dramatic nature of each piece, so unique. And of course, they are behind some of those amazing Anthropologie store installations. What’s your fave?

Ink Drip Seating Group

Pen & Ink Sculpture

The Basement Stacks


Floating Type…my favorite.

Twisted Tales

Crumpled ‘Paper’ Ball

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Music Posters

I’m comin’ off a music filled weekend, having spent Saturday and Sunday at Treasure Island Music Festival. Good times were had and I’ll be sharing some pix later on, but wanted to share some silkscreened posters I discovered at the festival from graphic designer Jason Munn. I love the simplicity of his designs, yet they are still bold and very geometric. Sometimes less is more.

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Year of the Llama

print, sweater, pillow, necklace

Another Fave…

Image: Julius Shulman

Happy Birthday Julius Shulman

Along with many others, I consider Julius Shulman the godfather of architectural photography. Before I ever knew who he was, I knew his photos. I believe his photos help shape my love for architecture and mid-century modern design and those two things have really been the foundation of my design work. Mr. Shulman’s photo of Case Study #22, also known as the Stahl House, is probably one of his more well known photos and one of my favorites.

Case Study 22 Stahl House Julius Shulman

This was me some time back in 2006. I have no idea why no one stopped me from walking out on the ledge…seems kinda dangerous, no?

Case Study 22 Ledge

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Shulman back in 2007 and it was an experience I’ll never forget. I wandered around his home nestled in Laurel Canyon and it was like time had stood still. Mr. Shulman had commissioned Raphael Soriano to build his house in 1950 and he lived there until his death in 2009. I remember him being very nice, if not arrogant at times, but he had the work to back it up and it really made our meeting all the more memorable.

I remember the weather was perfect that day and I was tagging along for an Anthem photo shoot. Here’s the BF with Mr. Shulman in his office, I know it was a day he’ll never forget either.

Anthem Magazine Julius Shulman (9)

I was just taking in the scenery, a.k.a. snooping.

Anthem Magazine Julius Shulman (8)

His backyard was filled with lush greenery and sculptures…super dreamy.

Anthem Magazine Julius Shulman (7)

Anthem Magazine Julius Shulman (6)

Anthem Magazine Julius Shulman (5)

Anthem Magazine Julius Shulman (4)

Anthem Magazine Julius Shulman (3)

Anthem Magazine Julius Shulman (2)

Mr. Shulman was critical of many things that day, but I think he’s giving Jason Lee the thumbs up on the portrait he shot.

Anthem Magazine Julius Shulman (1)

Happy Birthday Julius Shulman!

Outstanding in the Field

A good friend of mine recently introduced me to Outstanding in the Field, an amazing concept “restaurant” if you will that I find completely inspiring, especially since I’ve started growing some of my own food. Their mission is “to reconnect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local famers and food artisans who cultivate it”. Each event takes place on a ranch, at sea, a farm, or winery and everything you eat celebrates the local resources, which is prepared by an accomplished chef. The Outstanding in the Field Bus travels to incredible destinations and serves fresh food on artfully designed long tables. Check out their schedule to see if they’re heading to a town near you. Wouldn’t you love to attend one of these dinners?? This definitely holds inspiration for my first gig in SF…more details to come on that! Have a great weekend!

Outstanding in the Field Photos (1)

Outstanding in the Field Photos (2)

Outstanding in the Field Photos (3)

Outstanding in the Field Photos (4)

Outstanding in the Field Photos (5)

Outstanding in the Field Photos (6)

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The Geometry of Pasta

I hope everyone had a lovey dovey weekend. Weekends are great in general but they are even better when you get belated bday gifts! I got this lovely cookbook, The Geometry of Pasta, from my good friend Jaclyn because she knew I would appreciate the recipes as much as the artistic nature of the book. Every good cook knows there are certain pasta shapes that work better with certain sauces and this cookbook walks you through over 100 differnet pasta shapes  and authentic recipes. Each pasta shape is explained in detail and accompanied by a black-and-white graphic interpretation, so this book is as much a cookbook as it is an art book. The Geometry of Pasta is the perfect fusion of food and design, two things I pretty much can’t live without!

The Geometry of Pasta Book

The Geometry Of Pasta Caramelle Pages

The Geometry Of Pasta Gnocchi Pages

The Geometry Of Pasta Conchiglie Rigate Pages

The Geometry Of Pasta Farfalle Pages