Happy New Year

Vintage Disco Ball Photo

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Illustrations of Barcelona

I was flipping through the most recent issue of Apartamento and I fell in love with these illustrations of one of my most favorite cities. The details and intricacies of each space are amazing…

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Happy Etsy Photography Heart Ballon Blue Sky Photo

A friend recently referred me to this documentary titled Happy and I was instantly intrigued. It popped up during a Netflix search and I watched it last night with total contentment. Yes, it’s a film about happiness, and well, it made me very happy to watch it. Above all else, I think happiness is what we all strive for and it’s a good doc to help remind us of how we can all achieve it. If everyone in the world channeled the message from Happy and The Big Lebowski we’d live in a pretty cool place.

p.s. I’m moving to Okinawa, Japan.

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Happy Weekend

Sun San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Illustration Poster Art

The sun is out for the next two days and it’s going to resemble something like summer ’round these parts. I’ll be basking in the sun and groupie-ing it up with some of my favorite bands at Outside Lands if you need me. Happy weekend!

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Be Square

This space is telling me it’s cool to be square, even cooler in shades of green.

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Big Apple

New York City Illustrated Poster Art

In the Big Apple ! It’s been too long since I’ve seen my good friend NYC.

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Diane Keaton Spanish Home Interior Design Art

I love this piece of art from Diane Keaton’s amazing Spanish home in LA. It’s currently the inspiration for a piece I’m in the hunt for.

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3D Typography Art Installation Wall Decor

You had me at your serif type and beautiful flourishes…

3D Typography Art Installation Wall Decor3D Typography Art Installation Wall Decor3D Typography Art Installation Wall Decor

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In the Shop

Some newbies in the shop!

Carved Wood Rams Head Bookends

Rams Head Bookends

Japanese 70s Butterfly Mug

Butterfly Mug

Lazy Susan Monkey Pod Tray

Pink Tray

Japanese Flower Mug

Cactus Vase

Bud Vase

Soup Mug

Gold & Silver Cocktail Glasses

Poodle Art

Flower Tea Set

Things Organized Neatly

House & Garden Geoffrey Baker Vintage Photo

Love these vintage photos of accessories for the bedroom and bath organized neatly on an imaginary grid. They actually help calm my OCD-ness in a constantly unorganized, yet somehow organized, household. Frame one of these prints for a kitschy wink in your bedroom or bathroom. Above and below For Her…

House & Garden Geoffrey Baker Vintage Photo

For him…

House & Garden Geoffrey Baker Vintage PhotoHouse & Garden Geoffrey Baker Vintage Photo

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