Feeling Fall

Most of the boxes have been cleared out of the house and I finally have the mental (and actual) space to get into the Fall mood.

1. This everlasting arrangement will keep pretty on your table for as long as you want.

2. I took a few liberties with this recipe, but these chai spiced sugar cookies are yum-um.

3. Been looking for a new hat and I think this one is it!

4. Totally stealing this art idea for my guest room which has a bit of a camp-y theme going on.

Miss Katie Lee

I saw the film DamNation tonight, a well done documentary on the removal of dams in the U.S. There were a few photographs featured in the film of activist Katie Lee and her time at Glen Canyon before the Glen Canyon Dam was built. The photos were beautiful and they really moved me, maybe because I recently spent so much time in the great outdoors and admiring the wonders of mother nature. So looking forward to hanging with friends in Big Sur this weekend. Have a good one.

Train Life

Station to Station Train Photo

Getting back in the saddle after a long, but very fun, week. Spent the last week with Station to Station and Levis at their last three stops and what an amazing train and experience! Will share more photos soon.

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Oh Shit

I bought this hand silk screened print from artist and friendĀ Ryder Evan Robison and it just arrived in the mail. It perfectly describes how I’ve been feeling lately. One more week ’til the weds…

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Happy Weekend

beach decor SUMMERTIME art deco photo 11x14 tropical Florida print aqua green brown vintage 1930s large beach lover Nostalgia Art

I’m particularly excited about this weekend because it’s My Bridal Weekend!!! I’m looking forward to being showered at my poolside bridal shower at the Avalon and partying it up with all my ladies in and around LA. It’s making this whole wedding/marriage thing a bit more real…yikes :p Have a good one!

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Happy Weekend

Hybrid Chairs by Merve Kahraman Rabbit Chair

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Fiber Art by Brook&Lyn

Weavings Brook&Lyn (1)

Fiber art has been making a comeback and I am all for celebrating this resurgence. These weavings from Brook&Lyn artist Mimi Jung are gorgeous, textural sculptures. The color combinations are soothing to the eyes and the brighter hues give a modern feel to this retro craft. I’m eyeing the teal/green one…

Weavings Brook&Lyn (2)

Weavings Brook&Lyn (3)

Weavings Brook&Lyn (5)

Weavings Brook&Lyn (6)

Weavings Brook&Lyn (7)

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