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New year, blank slate…with a little color.

Hello 2014

Modern rustic interior design

I’m writing my first post of 2014 on my new-ish kitchen table which I’m interpreting as stability and strength for the new year. My previous kitchen table was never really stable, it was an Ikea hack (that I will post about tomorrow) that looked good from afar but was a bit flimsy-flopsy once you actually sat at it. It did an okay job as far as tables go, you could just never fill your cup of coffee all the way up for fear that it would spill over if you put your elbow on it the wrong way. This project has been on my to do list for quite a while.

It was a pretty minor DIY project, but I needed the assistance of another person, so I enlisted the help of my husband. We both stayed calm for the most part, there was minimal bickering and at the end we were both very happy with the result. Now, I have a stable place to eat breakfast in the morning, read the paper and plan my day. This little home project was a good way to start the year in many ways as it symbolized a lot of my goals for 2014.

-Living in such a fast paced world, it’s challenging to take things slow and take your time with things and people. I’m choosing to slow down and practice patience more.

-Like many of you, I have a never ending list of things to do and accomplish in life, work and home. I’m choosing to take action and just do it already, one thing at a time.

-This goes with practicing patience and taking action, I choose to take the time to build a strong foundation for myself and work. For myself, this means making the time to work out and eat a balanced diet. This has more to do with being healthy (not just skinny) so that I can live a long and prosperous life so that I can accomplish my goals and be there for the people I care about. For work, this means finishing that business plan and getting help with Quickbooks because I’ve realized I can’t do it on my own.

-I love technology as much as the next person, but I’m choosing to scale back on tech and calm it down a bit in that area of my life. A baby step I’ve already taken is not scrolling through my emails, Instagram, Facebook, etc. first thing in the morning. How many of you wake up, roll over, turn off your alarm and then immediately check social media or your emails?? Then get frustrated by some annoying selfie or email? This little step of taking the time in the morning to set positive intentions for the day without any noise from the internet has been a good one.

-I consider myself to be a generous person, but I definitely feel that I can give more in my life. As a Gemini, I think I’m as much a giver as I am selfish. By giving more, I’m hoping that I’ll become less selfish and others will benefit. I’ve already started by donating to charities (mostly animal ones because I’m a sucker for little furry friends). I’m not exactly wealthy, but I think every little bit counts, so I think twice when eye-ing that tray that would look great on my entry table or those new pair of shoes. I want to share more useful information on this blog so that decor-obsessed readers can benefit. I also want to give more to my friends and family, whether that be my time, attention or just lending an ear.

That’s my list/resolutions/goals/whatever you want to call them for 2014. New year, new table, new me.

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Cozy Fall Interiors

All I can think about is how much I will be gorging myself this coming Turkey Day. I’m a bit more excited this year compared to any other year because I will be making the entire Thanksgiving meal, including my very first turkey. The menu has been set and the first grocery run was a success. Time to tidy the house and get everything cozy. Here are some interiors to inspire…

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Sintra 1012 Progress

Still lots to do, but wanted to share a few photos of the Sintra project I’ve been consulting on.

Here’s the back area of the lounge and this space looks significantly better! We removed all the wall tiles (so many wall tiles in this house!), replaced the tile flooring with wood and papered this small alcove.

This is a hallway in one of the suites. We replaced the tile flooring with wood and removed all the wall tiles. Added a chair rail to give the hallway some architectural interest and gave it a fresh white coat of paint. The chandelier needs to be swooped so it’s centered in the hallway and it still needs its shades.

Here we have the communal kitchen. We removed all the tile and replaced it with a staggered subway tile. We ‘re going all white with white cabinets and a wood countertop to add some warmth. Tile needs to be grouted and cabinets are waiting for their doors and toe.

This is a massive, antique cabinet that will live in the kitchen and it got the re-loving treatment with a few coats of robin’s egg blue paint.

More to come!

Pure and Simple

Architect Nicolas Schuybroek home photos (4)

I’ve been known to use a little pattern and color but lately I’ve been gravitating towards the pure and clean. It might be because of all the mumbo jumbo that I’m constantly surrounded by, whether it be magazines, paperwork, samples, or my husband’s pile up chair. The list is never-ending.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the home of architect Nicolas Schuybroek. He turned this butcher shop into an office and home for his small family. The home is clean and minimal but has many classical elements. The simplicity of the colors and the warmth of the wood finishes make this habitat a welcoming one.

I guess I can find solace in knowing that people are living a purer and more simple life than I am. One day…

Architect Nicolas Schuybroek home photos (2)

Architect Nicolas Schuybroek home photos (1)

Architect Nicolas Schuybroek home photos (5)

Architect Nicolas Schuybroek home photos (7)

Architect Nicolas Schuybroek home photos (3)

Architect Nicolas Schuybroek home photos (6)

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Vintage Spaces

Retro Midcentury Modern Office Interior Design Furniture

Workin’ it.

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Vintage Spaces

Retro midcentury modern interior design decor

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The Battery

The Battery Private Social Club San Francisco (4)

The Battery, a new club in SF’s Financial District, has a gourmet restaurant, a few bars, a wine cellar, a gym and spa, a library, meeting rooms, an outdoor garden and 14 hotel rooms, including a penthouse suite with views of the Transamerica Pyramid and the Bay Bridge (phew!) – and it’s all invitation-only. This private social club is located inside a turn-of-the-century marble factory and has a bougie, village pub feel, beautifully executed by designer Ken Fulk. Prospective members must be nominated by an existing member and dues are $2,400 a year…although it may seem a bit elitist, the social media millionaires that created this club want it to be a place where members can discuss the arts, ideas, current affairs, wine, food and less about computer use and shop talk. Guess most of us will be admiring the space from the outside…

The Battery Private Social Club San Francisco (2)

The Battery Private Social Club San Francisco (5)

The Battery Private Social Club San Francisco (1)

The Battery Private Social Club San Francisco (3)

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Vintage Spaces

Have a cozy Halloween!

Vintage Spaces

Vintage Bathroom Design

I’m deathly afraid of scary movies but this is the year I’m going to watch The Shining in it’s entirety. According to friends who have seen it, the scariest scene takes place in this bathroom and I’ve survived that so I’m sure I can handle the rest of the movie…I hope.

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