French Modern Inspiration

I’m working on a home in Los Angeles that has me all kinds of inspired. The architecture of the home is very ‘Fraunch’ as Franck from Father of the Bride would say and it is a total fixer upper (just wait until I share the before photos). We are definitely influenced by the architecture, but we’ll also be giving the home a modern spin while still keeping it cozy. This one is gonna be fun…

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Silicon Valley Office Inspiration

Tech Office Interior Design

Having had to sign an NDA, I’m not allowed to say much about an office project I’ve been working on in the Bay Area, but wanted to share some of the inspiration for this project.

Photo Diary: Tokyo + Phuket

One major personal project I’ve had on my to do list (for forever!) has been to print my travel photos and organize them into journals so that I can actually look at them when the mood calls, or share them with friends and family every now and then. Instead, I’m only reminded of trips when searching for a photo in my iphone and sadly, I’m only sharing photos through instagram or facebook. What has this world come to? I’m glad I finally got around to posting a few photos because I’m immediately reminded of how amazing this trip was.

I recently traveled to Tokyo and Phuket and I pretty much died and went to heaven. For so long, Tokyo has been at the top of my travel list. I’m always mistaken for being Japanese, which is actually totally fine by me, and I love all things Japanese. The food, the culture, the design, the efficiency, all the cute little Japanese-y things that you don’t need…Tokyo is my spirit city.

This trip got off to a bit of a rough start, meaning my husband and I missed our flight. It was one of those early morning flights, but you had to get there the night before, it was a holiday weekend combined with my birthday, basically I messed up. I blamed it on my aging brain. I remember the week before was a crazy work filled week and I was running around like a mad woman so I only got around to typing up the travel itinerary the day that we were supposed to be departing, except that when I started to type in the departure date, I realized we had already missed our flight. I remained calm, told my husband to remain calm, and called the airline. Luckily, we were able to get out the next day without too much hassle. There was some rearranging I had to do with lodging in Tokyo, but thank goodness everything worked out.

One of the highlights of this trip was visiting the Hotel Okura before they started demolition in preparation for the 2020 Olympics. There’s no other way to describe this hotel except that it is completely classy and classic. The detail in the design is amazing and I pretty much wanted to be Richard Gere in Pretty Woman and move in.

There was a lot of walking, sightseeing and shopping done, a little too much of the latter, but I wanted to consume as much as possible. It is such an inspiring city. Every day ended in exhaustion, but I have to say, Tokyo was one of those places I was so sad to leave before I even left, I cannot wait to return.

Next stop was Phuket, Thailand to stay at an amazing villa owned by some very generous friends. This part of the trip was the complete opposite of Tokyo in that all I did was relax. To say that I lived like a queen for a few days is a total understatement. What made this stay even more amazing, was that I was completely present in every moment.

We were spoiled by the amazing house chef and staff. Dinner was had outside every night and I got to try some fantastic Thai dishes.

Every morning, I leapt out of bed to swim a few laps in my personal pool just outside the room. Then, I would go upstairs for some breakfast and jump into the main pool, maybe do some sunbathing or reading, watch a movie in the home theatre…does it sound like I’m bragging? It’s because I am ;p

As this trip was coming to an end, I connected back with technology to check in with work so that I wasn’t in complete shock when I returned home.

I miss watching the amazing sunsets with a glass of wine, but still so grateful for this experience.

Panhandle Project Inspiration

San Francisco interior design inspiration

Awaiting construction to start on a remodel of a San Francisco condo. Most of the design changes we are making are cosmetic, but they’ll really give this home a new lease on life. We’ll be refinishing the floors, painting the walls a taupe-y grey, installing new window treatments, swapping out light fixtures, and giving the kitchen and bathrooms a much needed facelift. Looking forward to executing this design and hopefully having it all done in under four weeks (fingers crossed).

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Vintage Spaces

Home Sweet Rental Home

It’s been almost five months since the fam and I moved into our home in Ojai. It was a stressful search and after seeing some really terrible properties, like waiting for Honey Boo Boo to come around the corner terrible, we came back around to this house. It’s a 50s ranch style home, cute curb appeal, cozy and good vibes on the inside, nice size yard (with nearly dead grass but great views of the mountains), and it’s very comfortable for our lifestyle. The kitchen is a bit meh and the bathrooms are straight from the 70s (and not in the good way), but I have to remind myself that it’s a rental and I’ll get to design my dream kitchen and bathroom one day. Ideally, we’ll start looking for a home to buy after one year here, we need to get a few ducks in a row first, but if we end up being here for a while, I’d be fine with that, too.

As soon as we moved in, we took off on our European adventure for a few weeks. When we returned to our new home, we returned to a sea of boxes, which I’m unclear how that was even possible since this house is so much larger than our SF apartment. The pre-move purge/garage sale had little affect. Anyone who has had to move, no matter how much stuff you have, knows it’s a total process. So, I’m going through the ‘process’.

Here’s the living room. I love the large windows that look out to the front yard and there’s a beautiful tipu tree that provides some privacy into the front room. The floors are original hardwood which is always a bonus.

The dining room is next to the living room and there’s a buffet to store all my serving ware (and I have a lot). Still thinking about what I want to do with the ledge. Pumpkins occupied the ledge for Halloween and Thanksgiving, which then transitioned to garland for Christmas. It’s currently empty and looking a little sad, but I have few ideas.

This bedroom was a tiny bit larger than the second bedroom, so it’s the master. I’m okay with the vertical linen blinds in the living room and dining room because they’re pretty neutral, but I knew these pink blinds had to go immediately.

This is the den and currently it’s my office. I did have a dedicated office space in SF, but I would have to walk down the hall for the printer, or go into the kitchen pantry for my samples and supplies. Now I get to have it all one place which I’m pretty excited about it.

Here’s the guest bedroom. Again, the vertical blinds need to go.

And here’s the backyard. Did I mention there are citrus trees?!? If there were only an avocado tree, I would be in guacamole heaven.

I’ll keep sharing updates, no major renovations, but there will definitely be some furniture shopping. Home sweet rental home.

Stout & Co.

Luxury bed & breakfast in Amsterdam (1)

During my last trip to Amsterdam, I stayed at an amazing spot, Stout & Co., a luxury bed and breakfast. This is not your traditional b&b. The interior is modern and minimal and the design details are endless. The rooms are more like suites with the latest magazines and Aesop products to get you all fresh and clean. I seriously still dream about the breakfasts I had each morning. Yogurt parfait, fruit, local fresh bread, cheeses and meats were served in courses and the coffee was superb. I love a great European breakfast. Luckily, my room was right next to the breakfast room, so I just rolled myself back to bed. Definitely looking forward to another stay here.

Luxury bed & breakfast in Amsterdam (2)

Luxury bed & breakfast in Amsterdam (3)

Luxury bed & breakfast in Amsterdam (4)

Luxury bed & breakfast in Amsterdam (5)

Luxury bed & breakfast in Amsterdam (6)

Luxury bed & breakfast in Amsterdam (7)

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