Pianos in the Home

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I grew up playing the piano, but it’s been forever and a minute since I’ve sat down and played. As a child, I begrudgingly went to my weekly lessons and pretended I wasn’t feeling well before every single recital, but after all those years of what I considered torture, I feel so grateful that my parents afforded me the opportunity of piano lessons.  One memory that is still so fresh in my mind is when my dad and uncle drove me all the way to Sacramento to play one song I had composed at some national championship thing, I was six. After driving all day to perform that one song, we got back in the car and drove all the way back home. Now as an adult(ish), I’m really looking forward to owning a piano again. As a creative, I feel the need for different outlets. As much as I love design, I just can’t live design 24/7. I believe having different outlets for creative expression keep me fresh, so working towards trying to play piano again, but first, a piano is needed.

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First Look at Marimekko for Target

It’s been a while since I’ve been super excited about a Target collaboration, but the superstore revealed it will partner with the Finnish clothing line Marimekko for its latest limited-edition collection. In addition to the usual apparel and home good items, the collection from the celebrated design house will also include some items like paddleboards, hammocks and parachutes. The inspiration for the collection include both the Finnish summer – when the sun stays out until close to midnight – and Finnish culture, which weighs heavily on gatherings among family and friends. Look for the full line to go on sale at Target stores and online April 17. Summer here we come!

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5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home (1)

After every new year, all I want to do is get rid of any unnecessities accumulated over the past year, clean the house from top to bottom, and add in a few new items that will refresh my home. Anything new coming in means something old must go. This has become a cardinal room in my house because a marriage between two collectors does not always a happy home make. I’m very much about keeping things that only “spark joy” via Ms. Kondo and slowly (very slowly), but surely am becoming a minimalist.

Purge like there’s no tomorrow. It may be hard, and it may be messy, but the uncluttered-ness you’re left with will be a serious breath of fresh air. You’ll feel lighter in so many ways and you’ll have made room for the things that are really important.

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home (2)

Rearrange your furniture. Depending on your space, this may or may not be possible, but moving one chair to the opposite corner or switching lamps from one space to another will give your room a new perspective.

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home (3)

Spruce up the bookshelves. This has actually been on my to-do list for too long now, but I’m going to take my own advice. Moving books around, reorganizing your objects, taking away things can really give your space a new feel.

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home (4)

Add some life with greenery. This might be the easiest tip of all, but adding some plants will literally bring life into your space.

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Accessorize with pillows. Pillows can become a problem in that you can collect too many (guilty!). But if you remember the cardinal rule (see above), you’ll be just fine. They add color, pattern or texture and will give your sofa or bed an instant new look. The array of pillows available at every price point makes this refresh easy peasy.

Rodarte for The Rug Company

Rodarte for The Rug Company (1)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (2)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (3)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (4)

Rodarte for The Rug Company (5)

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5 Tips for Designing a Timeless Nursery

Timeless Nursery (2)

Nurseries have come such a long way from the traditional blue-for-boy and pink-for-girl baby rooms and although I’m all for gender specific design, what I’m not a huge fan of is designing a space that becomes too baby-ish too soon. Here are just a few tips to help you create a nursery that will grow with your child.

1. Think in terms of long haul when choosing furniture. If you purchase a chair only for nursing, you’re only going to use it when you’re nursing. Choose something that works for now and in the future.

Timeless Nursery (1)

2. Don’t buy an expensive crib. The longest your babe will be in the crib is about 2 years (??), maybe even less, so spend your dollars elsewhere in the space.

Timeless Nursery (5)

3. Do invest in a dresser. A dresser will work as your changing table and provide storage. A piece of furniture that does double duty has the ability to morph into something else somewhere else in the home if needed.

Timeless Nursery (3)

4. Don’t delve too heavily into a theme and do pick colors that aren’t too juvenile. If you absolutely must have a “Frozen” themed room (I’ve never even seen the movie), do it in a way that the theme carries across in items that can easily be switched out, think pillows and accessories.

Timeless Nursery (4)

5. Don’t go crazy with baby products. I have a feeling I’ll have to take my own advice on this when my time comes around. You most likely don’t have the space and you probably don’t need all that extra stuff. Keep to the baby essentials.

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Home Progress: Front Porch

I’ve been super motivated to get my home sweet rental home “finished” because Spring is just around the corner. I know lots of people who rent their homes and there’s always that feeling of “well, I don’t know how long I’ll actually be here” and then five years go by and they’ve lost all that time to live in a home-y space. I’ve also had a handful of clients that were waiting for the right property to buy and they end up in their rentals for years before they finally realize that even though their home is a rental, it deserves some attention. Of course, I would tell you to use your best judgement on where you should spend your hard earned money and do what you can when you can, but I promise you in the end, you’ll be so glad you put some effort into your home because I am true believer that your home heals you when you put some thought into it.

So, welcome to my front porch. My house has that ranch-y curb appeal and I didn’t want to do anything that was a total departure from the 50s ranch style. I knew I wanted some sort of seating situation and some potted plants to warm up the space. I also needed some pots to help block the possible deathly drop on either side of the step. This being where I live, I’m totally aware of the drop, but let’s just say there were a few kids around Halloween that were trick-or-treating that weren’t aware of it (thankfully everyone was fine).

I’m usually a collector and mixer of things, but this house seems to call for more simplicity. For a more uniform look, I used all terra cotta pots in different shapes and sizes and filled the existing chocolate pot with succulents. I potted a bunch of lavender because I’m really trying to keep the Ojai vibes going strong and I just can’t get enough of the smell.

I purchased the bench at an antique store and accessorized with some goodies from Target.


Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (1)

Ikea has done it again and now we can only hope that we’ll see some of this collection in the States. The DIY furniture giant has collaborated with London designer Ilse Crawford to launch the Sinnerlig collection which features natural materials with a neutral palette. There will be larger furniture pieces such as cork-covered tables and a daybed down to hand-blown glass bottles. Unveiled during Stockholm Design Week, the collection will be available at Ikea stores and online from August. Our fingers are crossed that this release includes the design hungry of the US of A. Cue the drool.

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (3)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (5)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (10)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (6)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (7)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (8)

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Collection for Ikea (9)

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drum, coat, cheese board

Fresh Start

Fresh and clean interior vignette

Returning to work after the holidays is always a little rough, but after a very relaxing staycation, I’m ready to get back at it. I’m starting the new year off with a trip to San Francisco, my first time back since I’ve moved, for a project with some lovely clients. After I return, I have some special projects that I’ve resolved to put energy towards, part of my new year goals. I love the motivation and energy a new year always brings and I’m hoping that momentum stays with me for as long as possible. Happy new year!

Shop the Look

As promised, here’s where you can shop this look from the Before & After I posted about yesterday. While going through the process of selecting furniture pieces for this space, we made sure that we kept it light and bright with the sofa and chairs to help bring in a feeling of airiness (I’m obsessed with these chairs!). The upholstered pieces have curved lines which give off a feminine air, but more lady-like than girly. We kept most of the casegoods in a darker finish, but then incorporated pieces with reflective finishes, like the antique gold lamps with distressed mirror, brass accent table, and wall mirrors. These items help bounce light around the room and brighten the space. The art over the sofa is a bit quirky and more modern, but is very personal since my client has been a swimmer since she was little. The bench that sits in front of the sofa can become more seating if necessary and is easily movable for when floor space is needed for kids to play. The mix of new furniture with family heirloom pieces makes what was a drab room really come to life.

Design on a budget

1.accent table, 2.art, 3. lamp, 4.sofa, 5.bench, 6.pillow (similar), 7.floor lamp, 8.chair, 9.bookshelf, 10.mirror (similar), 11.end table