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I grew up playing the piano, but it’s been forever and a minute since I’ve sat down and played. As a child, I begrudgingly went to my weekly lessons and pretended I wasn’t feeling well before every single recital, but after all those years of what I considered torture, I feel so grateful that my parents afforded me the opportunity of piano lessons.  One memory that is still so fresh in my mind is when my dad and uncle drove me all the way to Sacramento to play one song I had composed at some national championship thing, I was six. After driving all day to perform that one song, we got back in the car and drove all the way back home. Now as an adult(ish), I’m really looking forward to owning a piano again. As a creative, I feel the need for different outlets. As much as I love design, I just can’t live design 24/7. I believe having different outlets for creative expression keep me fresh, so working towards trying to play piano again, but first, a piano is needed.

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  • mika

    Umm, how the hell did I not know you have composed a song at a “national championship thing”?!! That’s f-ing amazing, I wanna hear you play!!

    June 25, 2016

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