Leopard Vs. Cheetah

Just to clarify, there is a difference between a leopard print vs. a cheetah print and many people still get them mixed up. I don’t discriminate against any animal prints, but it’s all in the spots. Cheetahs have simple black spots, while leopards have a more complex pattern. That’s it! So now you know. My dilemma here is which do I choose for my new rug??

Although I made the move from big loft to smaller apartment, my larger living room pieces have remained the same, so I’m looking to update here and there to make it more “new”. I currently have a painted zebra cowhide, which I love, but I’m ready to spruce it up a little with one of the above two painted hides. I would love a real rug rug, but with the two pups and their sometimes unpredictable mistakes, there’s no way I’m splurging on something that will just get ruined (cowhides are pretty much indestructible).

As you can see, animal prints can almost be viewed as a neutral that adds texture and some flavor to any space. So, will it be the leopard or cheetah…help me decide would ya??


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  • cheetah is my vote. 🙂

    May 15, 2012

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