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Modern kids furniture (1)

It’s always interesting designing for clients who have children because there are so many things to take into consideration, like the actual “stuff” they come with (especially with babies), durability, potential messes, etc. As much as I like to infuse my design sense into my clients lives, they are usually the ones to dictate how a space needs to work. At the end of the day, as much as I would sometimes like to, I can’t change the way people live or how their children behave.

Modern kids furniture (2)

Designing nurseries and kids rooms are my favorite, but I don’t believe that designing with children needs to revolve around bins upon bins of toys. This is the home of Kinder Modern owner Lora Appleton, designed by her partner Bachman Brown Clem. I love all the modern lines and the play on color. The spaces are sophisticated and fun, you can tell that children live here, but they haven’t taken over (so important in my opinion!).

Modern kids furniture (3)

You know I love vintage everything and vintage children’s furniture is so up my alley. Kinder Modern offerings are a nice alternative for families looking for unique pieces to infuse into their little one’s lives.

Modern kids furniture (4)

Above are shelves at the Kinder Modern gallery filled with 20th century children’s furniture and objects, all of which I want for my unborn child.

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