European Vacation

Another amazing trip I took last year was a three week European adventure. This trip, which had been a long time coming, started off in Germany, where we met up with Andreas’ dad. It was part of my mother-in-law’s will that we take a trip back to the homeland and meet all the relatives. I had been to Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, but never to the countryside, so I was very excited to see another part of this country.

I met many of Andreas’ uncles, aunts and cousins (including Uncle Willie’s farm animals). I rode a bike through the countryside and hiked through the Black Forest. I also got to see a small piece of land that Andreas and I will be inheriting one day. It’s functioning as a garden now, but hopefully we’ll be able to build a small cottage on the land one day.

From Germnay, we took a day trip to Strausboug, France, a very charming city. It rained most of the day, but I think it added to the magic of this place.

Next stop was Bilbao, still one of my favorite cities.

From Bilbao, we road tripped it to Picos de Europa, a beautiful range of mountains located about thirteen miles from the northern coast of Spain. It was such a treat to see this natural beauty, all done in some very nonfunctional sneakers. We stayed in the quaint town of Cosgaya, where roosters roamed around our front door.

It had been twelve years since Paris and I met. It’s true, a croissant a day keeps the doctor away.

Last stop was Amsterdam. Yep, it’s still cute as all hell.

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