Before & After: Panhandle Facelift

I had the pleasure of working with a very nice couple in SF to update their condo, which they had lived in a few years as renters and then as homeowners. As renters, they didn’t want to invest too much time or money into the place, something which I can understand, but never abide by for myself. They lived with Easter egg yellow walls with random accents of red for longer than I would have been able to. Once they became owners, their mentality totally changed and they now wanted to have their condo really feel like theirs by updating a few things.

The simplest thing you can ever do to update your home is paint! The walls were a serious yellow before, but we updated the entire home with a taupe-y grey paint that felt much more contemporary. In the living room and dining room, we also treated the windows with new woven shades that provided privacy from the busy street, but had the top down/bottom up capability so that they could still let in light and greenery without totally closing up the windows. A new light fixture was also installed over the dining table.

The couple really wanted a mantle over their fireplace. A dinky ledge did exist, but it barely held a thing and most certainly could not hold any family photos or holiday decorations. The fireplace was also a bit smokey due to it not being properly ventilated when in use, but we got that all fixed and cleaned up. Some simple millwork really brought this fireplace to life.

The kitchen was probably the biggest transformation. The cabinets were in a cherry finish (my favorite…actually not my favorite and my least favorite finish ever). We refinished the cabinetry in a crisp white, added a new wall of cabinetry to give the couple more needed storage (and a wine fridge), and also replaced the tile floor, bringing in the same wood floor in the rest of the home.

The wood floors were a light maple finish before, but we decided to refinish them in a more medium tone to add more warmth throughout.

The master bath had this terrible checkered floor and marble counter before. The wife was not a fan, so we updated the floors with a more contemporary floor tile and brought in a grey limestone on the countertops with a cleaner edge profile.

We updated a few other specifications throughout the home, as well as replacing a few of the light fixtures. Although, the condo was under construction for a few weeks, these updates really gave this home a facelift that was much needed.

Photo Diary: Los Alamos

Los Alamos Things to Do (14)

I recently took a trip to Los Alamos, a small town just an hour and a half north of Ojai. It had been on my list to make the short trek up to this area for quite some time and I finally blocked out some days to do it. Los Alamos has one main street and there a just a few restaurants and small establishments located on said street, including the Alamo Motel, a cute little lodge belonging to the Shelter Social Club family.

Los Alamos Things to Do (15)

The fam and I checked in to the Alamo and we got straight to eating. For such a small town, there are some legit places to fill your belly. You know how much I love food, and I’ve missed the SF food scene so much, so this trip was real a treat.

Los Alamos Things to Do (12)

In this order, I had lunch at Bell Street Farm, a little wine tasting at Casa Dumetz, dinner at Full of Life Flatbread, and breakfast the next day at Bob’s Well Bread Bakery. EVERYTHING was delicious.

Los Alamos Things to Do (13)

There’s some great antique-ing to be had, but because I’m on the long road of becoming a minimalist, I only went home with an amazing pepper mill and ice pick (yes, surpisingly I’ve been needing one).

Los Alamos Things to Do (1)

Los Alamos Things to Do (7)

Los Alamos Things to Do (4)

Los Alamos Things to Do (10)

Los Alamos Things to Do (11)

Los Alamos Things to Do (9)

Los Alamos Things to Do (8)

Los Alamos Things to Do (5)

Los Alamos Things to Do (6)

Los Alamos Things to Do (3)

Los Alamos Things to Do (2)

Los Alamos Things to Do (16)

This little town is definitely worth a trip. Word on the street is a few more restaurants are opening soon, so I’ll for sure be planning another eating-fest.

Los Alamos Things to Do (17)

Office Chair Roundup

It has finally happened…I’ve arrived at the point where I’m ready to purchase a big girl office chair. I’ve put off this moment for so long, mostly due to budget but more due to the fact that I like good-looking chairs. Good-looking chairs look nice in photos (see above), but they are not so friendly on my aging body. Per my acupuncturist’s suggestion, I’m ergo-ing up my workspace. After many years of owning vintage chairs and design knockoffs, I’m saying no to Pinterest-worthy chairs and yes to improving my posture, posterior, and overall body health.

This will probably be the least exciting round up ever, but I scoured the internet and user reviews for the best office chairs that will not completely break the bank and aren’t totally scary looking. The king of all chairs seems to still be Herman Miller’s Aeron chair. Along with having a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art, it has all the bells and whistles I’m looking for (adjustable everything and mesh…Ojai summer is a ways away but it is coming). My second favorite option is also from Herman Miller, the Sayl chair and is a more affordable chair from this iconic brand. I love the design of this chair, but will be heavily weighing all the below options…which ones do you like?

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Introducing E-Design by Mend

Dwellstudio Chair Rug

Design advice and designer resources have become more and more accessible with technology and the world wide web. From a designer who has been working in the “traditional” design world for over ten years, all the information and access out there was a bit annoying at first, but then I learned to embrace this new type of client that was willing to put in a little elbow grease. We receive a lot of inquiries regarding our design services, but not everyone has the budget for full-service interior design or they want to work with Mend, but live in another state (country even!).

In addition to traditional full-service interior design, Mend now offers design packages that can be purchased per room/space. Clients share photos, measurements, and inspirational images over the web and email, and all the work is completed via telephone and e-mail. Whether you call it e-design, remote design, or virtual design, these services are for a design-savvy client working on a budget who is willing to do all the purchasing and installation themselves.

E-design by Mend is an affordable alternative to traditional interior design. We believe your home should be a direct reflection of your personal style and regardless of where you live or your budget, our e-design packages allow us to help you do just that. Purchase a design package here and let’s have some fun!

Josef Frank Inspiration

Josef Frank Textile Pattern Interiors (2)

I’m working on a project on the East Coast and my clients LOVE them some Josef Frank textiles (as do I). I think if it were up to the husband, the entire house would be covered in J. Frank patterns (kind of all about that). But as much as the wife loves the whimsical patterns, she’s more drawn to a neutral and traditional backdrop, so I’m helping marry their two styles.

Josef Frank Textile Pattern Interiors (1)

Josef Frank Textile Pattern Interiors (5)

Josef Frank Textile Pattern Interiors (3)

Josef Frank Textile Pattern Interiors (4)

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