Camping Necessities

Cute Camping Outdoor Necessities

Well, maybe not total necessities, but some fun items to take with you on your next glamping trip!

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Vintage Spaces

Midcentury Modern Retro Interior Design Decoration Decor 1950s 1960s Twin Beds

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Different Types of Moulding

Different types of moulding molding architectural details

The world of moulding trims, or molding as we Yankees spell it, is a vast one, but I thought we could cover the basics. And just so you know, I will be spelling moulding with a ‘u’ because it makes me feel fancy. Speaking of feeling fancy, I feel like a lot people associate moulding with a more traditional look, which is partly true, but mixing a traditional moulding backdrop with contemporary, and colorful, pieces of furniture is just about my favorite look ever.

Interior Design Decor Decorating Rendering Drawing Sketch

Some of my most challenging projects have been the ones that required a lot of architectural detail specifications (i.e. a ton of moulding call outs). These projects really made me push my design boundaries because I usually have a ‘cleaner’ style of design, but having to work on such projects really broadened the types of design I’m capable of. Above is a rendering of such a project. This was a crazy estate that was being built in China, massive, four levels complete with an indoor pool and home theatre. So yes, a lotta lotta moulding.

Let’s go through the basics…

Crown molding disguises the seam between the walls and the ceiling. It can have a simple profile or a very elaborate one.

Chair rails are moulding installed about 1/3 way up the wall from the floor (although I’ve installed chair rails at different heights, from 36″h to 60″h). Depends on the look you want to achieve. This look is a great way to add architectural detail to a room, or to accentuate multiple paint tones.

Baseboard mouldings are installed where the wall and flooring meet. A tall moulding around the edge a room can make the space appear a bit taller and more elegant.

Baseboard Molding Trim Different Types of Molding

Window mouldings are…guess? Yes, trim around windows. Surrounding a window with molding can enhance and frame the view.

Window Molding Trim Different Types of Molding

Casing is moulding around an interior opening without a door. There is also door casing and window casing.

Casing Molding Trim Different Types of Molding

Panel molding is typically applied on walls, doors, ceilings and other surfaces throughout the home. You can create panels that add depth and a feeling of elegance or enhanced style.

Panel Molding Trim Different Types of Molding Paneling

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Glamping Trailer

Glamping Modern Retro Vintage Trailer Interior Design (2)

I’m a total glamper and I have no shame. I’m not one of those people that has ever “camped” in a decked out teepee fit with vintage Pendleton blankets and running water, I sleep on the ground in a cozy sleeping bag, in a tent, just like the next camper, but little bits of luxury while enjoying the outdoors are always welcome. Dre and I joke/daydream about getting a trailer one day to drive cross country to see the sites and thrift the hell out of the small towns all over the US of A (with dogs in tow of course). Sigh. This might just be the perfect one.

Glamping Modern Retro Vintage Trailer Interior Design (3)

Glamping Modern Retro Vintage Trailer Interior Design (1)

Glamping Modern Retro Vintage Trailer Interior Design (4)

Glamping Modern Retro Vintage Trailer Interior Design (5)

Glamping Modern Retro Vintage Trailer Interior Design (7)

Glamping Modern Retro Vintage Trailer Interior Design (6)

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Ikea 2014 Catalogue Faves

Ikea 2014 Catalogue New Products Top Picks

I snuggled up in bed last night with the new Ikea catalogue and I must say they are stepping up their game year after year. It’s true, I don’t love to design with everything Ikea, but mixing high and low furniture is not a bad way to go when you’re on a budget. Of course, I love the green sofa, but the lemon yellow swivel lounge chair is a surprise standout. It comes in a few other colors and is similar to a higher end piece I’ve used for projects. Did I say it swivels?! Swivel chairs are my favorite kind of chairs.

Images via Ikea

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