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Inspired by this color scheme…

Basecamp Hotel

Lake Tahoe Boutique Hotel (1)

So, I did not make it to Tahoe over the weekend. Long story short, the Universe put some sort of heavy object in the road just so we would run over it just so it could create the perfect bubble in my new tire. We had to make a u-turn back to the city so that I could spend the rest of the weekend sick in bed, probably a result from standing in the cold figuring out how to put on the spare. Sigh…

After receiving countless invites to this place called Tahoe, it has never worked out for some reason. Maybe the Universe just wants me to book a room at  the cute, lodge-y Basecamp Hotel. Ok Universe…I hear you.

Lake Tahoe Boutique Hotel (2)

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Happy Weekend

Heading off to Tahoe for the weekend…I’ve never been and the scenery I’m sure will not be quite like Slim Aaron’s version this weekend, but I’m so excited to go explore somewhere new (and see some snow, too!). Have a good one!

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Vintage Spaces

Midcentury Modern Retro Vintage Interior Design Decor Floral Sofa

All about the floral sofa.

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Spring Has Sprung (Literally)

Seedlings Seeds Sprouted Garden Gardening Spring

Although it doesn’t look like it outside today, it’s officially the first day of Spring! My seeds have begun to sprout and it’s almost time to get going on the garden again. I went a little crazy with the amount of seeds I got this year but if luck (and some skill) is on our side, we will have a plentiful garden to eat from in the coming months. And you know I will be posting photos of my garden to table meals!