Moroccan Interior Black White Tile Graphic Mustard Pink Red

I’m very into studying color palettes lately, so you’ll be seeing more of these ’round these parts.

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Happy Weekend

Exploring With Camera Outdoors

There’s always the weekend to look forward to even after a stressful and hectic week. I plan on taking the camera out and learning how to use it more outside of the program setting. That setting has done me well, but I’ve got a pretty good camera so I might as well try little by little to use it to its fullest capabilities. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some photos of Greta at Fort Funston soon. Maybe I’ll lug the camera along with my new lens to the Morrissey concert, too, if that’s allowed. Or maybe I’ll just be too busy squealing inside and out and singing at the top of my lungs because I’ll be at Morrissey! Happy weekend friends!


Interior Design Decor Color Palette Ideas

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Vintage Spaces

Image from The House Book Neutral Natural Organic Room White Built-In

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Pattern Play

Mix Green Prints Patterns Textiles Fabrics

Spring is almost in the air and I’m feeling very inspired by all these greens!

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