Rue Mag Feature

Bright Pattern Floor Tile White Subway Tile

We recently had a few projects featured in Rue Magazine and we could not be more thrilled. The project was for a young, expanding family which included a bedroom/bathroom remodel and a transformative makeover for the expected bébé. You can see the feature here and here. I promise to do a Before + After post on these spaces!

Bright Bedroom

Wallpaper Nursery

Al Fresco Entertaining

I was recently invited to a spring fete at the home of private chef and owner of Le Picnic, Ariane Aumont. It was a beautiful afternoon, the jasmine tea cocktails were flowing and the food was top notch to say the least. I’m still dreaming about the most delicious banana leaf wrapped coconut rice and pork belly
mushroom parcels (with crispy shallots!).

Outdoor Entertaining (9)

The table was dressed in candles, artichokes, dogwood blooms and cabbage.

Outdoor Entertaining (5)

Outdoor Entertaining (7)

Outdoor Entertaining (1)

Outdoor Entertaining (8)

A nest detail.

Outdoor Entertaining (3)

Outdoor Entertaining (2)

For dessert, we chanted ‘Hatsuyuki’ while Ariane used her Japanese shaved iced machine for the first time.

Outdoor Entertaining (6)

Outdoor Entertaining (4)

You can see the menu and more photos from this spring celebration here.

Commune for Christopher Farr Cloth

Commune Cactus Flower Green and Plaid Indigo

I’ve long been a fan of the design work from Commune, so of course, I’m quite excited about their new fabric collection for Christopher Farr Cloth. They’ve released three patterns in five colorways each and I feel they’re all very approachable for varied design styles. You can bet I’ll be trying to squeeze these into a project or two.

Kaleidoscope Orange and Cactus Flower Ruby

Plaid Lemon and Cactus Flower Lemon

The Sweet Life

Life in Ojai (5)

You know when you have one of those weekends that you wish would last for just one more day? I had one of those weekends. The weather was amazing, the hubs was out of town, and I got deeply invested into Call the Midwife. I also spent the most beautiful afternoon feasting in the middle of an orchard with the most beautiful women. Life in Ojai ain’t bad.

Life in Ojai (4)

Life in Ojai (3)

Life in Ojai (2)

Life in Ojai (1)

French Modern Inspiration

I’m working on a home in Los Angeles that has me all kinds of inspired. The architecture of the home is very ‘Fraunch’ as Franck from Father of the Bride would say and it is a total fixer upper (just wait until I share the before photos). We are definitely influenced by the architecture, but we’ll also be giving the home a modern spin while still keeping it cozy. This one is gonna be fun…

Images via here