Before & After: Double Duty Nursery

It’s about that time in my life where I feel like so many women around me are having babies. It makes sense, they (and I) are of a ‘certain age’ and it’s been really wonderful to see my friends transition into parenthood. I do not currently have a little human of my own, but designing other people’s nurseries has been plenty of ‘baby’ in my life so far.

I’ve shared a few snippets of this nursery before, but I wanted to give you the full before and after tour. Seeing the ‘after’ is always great, but sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder of what the ‘before’ was like to see the progress and complete transformation. You can see the design board here and below was the original inspiration.

The clients for this project were the owners of Tide & Pool so we knew the design direction was going to be beach-y, playful, modern and a space their baby could grow with. This nursery also needed to be gender neutral since the parents didn’t know the sex of their baby and it also needed to function as a guest room.

Beachy modern nursery (1)

I know you’ve heard it before, but paint can be so transformative! It’s the most cost effective thing you can do that has the most impact. Of course, you can hire someone to paint for you, but if you’re on a total budget, it’s something anyone can do themselves. So, we painted and removed the unsightly blinds.

Beachy modern nursery (2)

The nook behind the door was going to be wasted space until we decided to turn it into a reading corner.

Beachy modern nursery (3)

And obviously, there was a crib and changing table.

Beachy modern nursery (4)

We did a color block paint treatment on the walls and I seriously love how they turned out. The darker color on the bottom adds depth to the space without having to change anything architecturally.

Beachy modern nursery (5)

The blinds were replaced with reed shades and then flanked with some whimsical, tasseled panels.

Beachy modern nursery (6)

The daybed and dresser will do double-duty for many years.

Beachy modern nursery (7)

Beachy modern nursery (8)

The reading nook turned out better than I hoped…this little one is going to be such a reader.

Beachy modern nursery (9)

I almost want to have my own baby just so I can design another nursery. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Color Study

Color combinations (1) 

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Home Sweet Rental Home

It’s been almost five months since the fam and I moved into our home in Ojai. It was a stressful search and after seeing some really terrible properties, like waiting for Honey Boo Boo to come around the corner terrible, we came back around to this house. It’s a 50s ranch style home, cute curb appeal, cozy and good vibes on the inside, nice size yard (with nearly dead grass but great views of the mountains), and it’s very comfortable for our lifestyle. The kitchen is a bit meh and the bathrooms are straight from the 70s (and not in the good way), but I have to remind myself that it’s a rental and I’ll get to design my dream kitchen and bathroom one day. Ideally, we’ll start looking for a home to buy after one year here, we need to get a few ducks in a row first, but if we end up being here for a while, I’d be fine with that, too.

As soon as we moved in, we took off on our European adventure for a few weeks. When we returned to our new home, we returned to a sea of boxes, which I’m unclear how that was even possible since this house is so much larger than our SF apartment. The pre-move purge/garage sale had little affect. Anyone who has had to move, no matter how much stuff you have, knows it’s a total process. So, I’m going through the ‘process’.

Here’s the living room. I love the large windows that look out to the front yard and there’s a beautiful tipu tree that provides some privacy into the front room. The floors are original hardwood which is always a bonus.

The dining room is next to the living room and there’s a buffet to store all my serving ware (and I have a lot). Still thinking about what I want to do with the ledge. Pumpkins occupied the ledge for Halloween and Thanksgiving, which then transitioned to garland for Christmas. It’s currently empty and looking a little sad, but I have few ideas.

This bedroom was a tiny bit larger than the second bedroom, so it’s the master. I’m okay with the vertical linen blinds in the living room and dining room because they’re pretty neutral, but I knew these pink blinds had to go immediately.

This is the den and currently it’s my office. I did have a dedicated office space in SF, but I would have to walk down the hall for the printer, or go into the kitchen pantry for my samples and supplies. Now I get to have it all one place which I’m pretty excited about it.

Here’s the guest bedroom. Again, the vertical blinds need to go.

And here’s the backyard. Did I mention there are citrus trees?!? If there were only an avocado tree, I would be in guacamole heaven.

I’ll keep sharing updates, no major renovations, but there will definitely be some furniture shopping. Home sweet rental home.

Vintage Spaces

Midcentury interior furniture

It really feels like spring is just around the corner. Okay, maybe not so much for your East Coasters right now, but I can totally see where the road ends to this California winter. If I had to give this name a room, I’d call it Lemonade.

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