Before & After: Living Room

Recently, I completed a quickie makeover that was on the very budget conscious end of the spectrum. It was nearly an impossible budget, but using a few of my client’s existing pieces and foregoing new window treatments (for now), helped get us close to where we needed to be budget-wise without compromising too much on the design. Here’s a snapshot of the before and as you can see, it was pretty much a dumping room where exercise balls were stored and where a crazy pug resided.

The room was designed for the lady of the house who is expecting her first child. She wanted a comfortable and cozy space to sit and drink her 5 ounces of coffee in the morning as well as a place to write her thank you notes. I came up with a few options for a furniture plan, one of which included a sectional, but that was too costly, so we ditched that idea right off the bat. My client loved all the options and what we decided on was option A with two chairs instead of the two round ottomans. We also decided to replace the corner lounge chair with a smaller antique side chair that belonged to my client’s grandmother.

First things first, we needed to clear the room and get it ready for the new furniture arrivals. Certain projects can take months and even years, but this project was completed in about two weeks, which is crazy fast. We didn’t make any structural changes, worked with the existing paint and designed with only retailed items that were in stock. Here’s the room all neat and ready with the client’s existing desk, chair and rug that was incorporated into the design.

And here’s the after…

Sometimes in design, furniture placement ends up changing a bit from the original floor plan once the furniture get into the space. My client decided that she really preferred having the desk near the front windows so we started moving stuff around, as designers do, and I’m really happy with the final layout.

This room gets great natural light during the day, but felt like a very dark room overall before the makeover. Making the room feel airy but still cozy was a big priority. We brought in pieces upholstered in creamy-oatmeal tones, mixed in different textures, and added more light sources which all help the room glow and not feel like such a dungeon at night.

Check back tomorrow for the shopping resources!

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  • mika

    Awesome! Love the little sitting area. Where’s the crazy pug?

    March 27, 2014

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