Before & After: Panhandle Facelift

I had the pleasure of working with a very nice couple in SF to update their condo, which they had lived in a few years as renters and then as homeowners. As renters, they didn’t want to invest too much time or money into the place, something which I can understand, but never abide by […]

Before & After: Baby Boy Nursery

Designing this nursery for brand new parents was a super fun project. Having previously worked with my clients on other parts of their home, I was trusted with creating a playful space that their baby boy could grow up with. The space was previously a guest room turned storage room while other parts of the […]

Before & After: Surprise Bedroom Makeover

This Before & After was unique in that it was a complete birthday surprise from the Mrs. to the Mr. (and the design was almost all done while I was “on vacation”). My client and I had only a few weeks to get all our ducks in a row to install the day of her […]

Before & After: French Country Refresh

Generally, I don’t take on small scale projects, but when this sweet lady reached out to me for some help around her home, I was happy to do so because she was only a 10 minute drive away, much shorter than my weekly LA commute. I knew she would be easy to work with and […]

Before & After: Double Duty Nursery

It’s about that time in my life where I feel like so many women around me are having babies. It makes sense, they (and I) are of a ‘certain age’ and it’s been really wonderful to see my friends transition into parenthood. I do not currently have a little human of my own, but designing […]

Before & After: Costco Shed Redesign

A dear friend of mine (and old boss, and by ‘old’ I mean ‘previous’, although I do enjoy referring to her as ‘mom’ sometimes to push her buttons), recently renovated a store bought shed into an oasis of an office/guest room. She, her husband, and daughter live in the cutest cottage (which is also awesome […]

Before & After: Dining Chairs

There are those times that you really just have to let some things go, things like that little thingamabob you got at a Chinese restaurant in Portugal because it always reminds you of the time you decided to backpack to a deserted, cold beach town in the middle of winter with your girlfriends (who knew?!) […]

Before & After: Living Room

Recently, I completed a quickie makeover that was on the very budget conscious end of the spectrum. It was nearly an impossible budget, but using a few of my client’s existing pieces and foregoing new window treatments (for now), helped get us close to where we needed to be budget-wise without compromising too much on […]

Before & After: Wrapp Office

As you may know, I am terrible with posting about the progress of projects I’m working on…something I’m trying to get better at 🙂 I mentioned this South Park office project a while ago and am finally posting a before and after. The office belonged to the startup company Wrapp, a gift giving app that […]

Before & After: My Room at Good Shepherd

I’m so excited to finally share photos of my room at the Good Shepherd Charity Design Project. It was such a fun and rewarding project to work on and an honor to work alongside such a talented group of designers. All thirty designers started with pretty much the same space, and it was so interesting […]

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