5 Tips for Designing a Timeless Nursery

Timeless Nursery (2)

Nurseries have come such a long way from the traditional blue-for-boy and pink-for-girl baby rooms and although I’m all for gender specific design, what I’m not a huge fan of is designing a space that becomes too baby-ish too soon. Here are just a few tips to help you create a nursery that will grow with your child.

1. Think in terms of long haul when choosing furniture. If you purchase a chair only for nursing, you’re only going to use it when you’re nursing. Choose something that works for now and in the future.

Timeless Nursery (1)

2. Don’t buy an expensive crib. The longest your babe will be in the crib is about 2 years (??), maybe even less, so spend your dollars elsewhere in the space.

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3. Do invest in a dresser. A dresser will work as your changing table and provide storage. A piece of furniture that does double duty has the ability to morph into something else somewhere else in the home if needed.

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4. Don’t delve too heavily into a theme and do pick colors that aren’t too juvenile. If you absolutely must have a “Frozen” themed room (I’ve never even seen the movie), do it in a way that the theme carries across in items that can easily be switched out, think pillows and accessories.

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5. Don’t go crazy with baby products. I have a feeling I’ll have to take my own advice on this when my time comes around. You most likely don’t have the space and you probably don’t need all that extra stuff. Keep to the baby essentials.

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