HBO Girls

Ok, who’s watching Girls on HBO? I got to spend a little quality time with my DVR yesterday and caught up on all the episodes. It’s pretty funny. T to the G-I-F that I am no longer in my twenties because there were definitely parts that made me grimace thinking about my younger years and all the dumb mistakes I made (read all the dumb boys I chased). And how fabulous are these outfits?? I’m convinced…I need flowy, floral pants.

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Happy Weekend

Camping Glamping in Style

I’m back from LA and have been in SF for a hot minute. Now, I’m off for the first camping trip of the year! There is a part of me that wishes I was glamping with this decked out airstream (that chair!) and that somehow I could catch up on my dvr in the trailer, but a cozy sleeping bag and tent will do. Happy Friday!

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Target Treasures

Great Expectations

Let’s talk about this sunroom for a minute shall we? Not only would I die to live in a home like this some day, but you would have to bury me twice if you told me this sunroom came with the house. I would definitely need to hire someone to take care of all these plants because, well, I don’t do well with house plants, but to have my morning tea here every day would just be unbelievable. And that light fixture from Ames Ingham is icing on the cake (if you follow my instagram you saw I picked one up yesterday!).

Although very masculine (the master bath was modeled after a barbershop), I could totally spend hours getting ready in this room. Not only is the light completely amazing, there’s an antique, leather club chair to boot.

The huge, overgrown trees in the yard create the perfect oasis…I would never leave.

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Vintage Spaces

1950s Vintage Retro Mid-Century Interior Design Bedroom

I wish I could say the last week and a half in LA has felt like a vacation and that I’ve been non-stop lounging in a cozy cabana like above, but not really. I’ve been hard at work, but I did take a little time to enjoy the crazy amazing weather last week and some poolside sessions were definitely had. Luckily, some rain is a comin’ so it doesn’t make me feel so bad to be heading home soon. Until next time LA…

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Byzantium Wallcoverings

Schumacher’s new collection of wallcoverings has wow factor written all over them! These beautiful papers come in an array of vibrant colors, glamorous metallics and quiet neutrals and are the perfect connection between east and west. They are a great way to dress up that wall behind your sofa or transform your powder room into a little jewel box. I’ve been obsessed with these old world patterns lately because of their unexpected modern qualities and organic features. Thanks to the Byzantine collection from Schumacher, I’ll be quitting my day job and booking a flight to Marrakesh stat!!

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Crafty: Mod Podge Pots

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (11)


-Mod Podge

-Terra cotta pot (I like these skinnier and taller ones)

-Foam brush


-Fabric (cut to appropriate size of your pot, making sure it wraps around the entire pot with excess fabric on top and bottom)

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (1)

Let’s do this:

Step 1

-Coat the outside of your terra cotta pot with Mod Podge

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (2)

Step 2

-Lay out your fabric and place the pot on a diagonal

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (3)

Step 3

-Begin to wrap your fabric around the pot while smoothing out any bubbles along the way

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (4)

Step 4

-Cut excess fabric at the bottom of pot, leaving about 1-2″ of fabric

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (5)

Step 5

-Cut 1″slits along fabric at bottom of pot

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (6)

Step 6

-Mod Podge bottom of pot and fold down slits to cover the bottom

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (7)

Step 7

-Repeat steps 4-6 for fabric at top of pot

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (8)

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (9)

Step 8

-Once all the fabric is wrapped around the pot, coat the entire pot/fabric with Mod Podge

Easy Garden Terra Cotta Pot Craft (10)

I’m using my Mod Podge pots to hold my makeup brushes and pencils, but these would make a great gift if you filled them with a packet of seeds and gardening gloves.

Target Treasures

Great and stylish affordable buys at Target (1)Great and stylish affordable buys at Target (2)Stylish and affordable buys from TargetGreat and stylish affordable buys at Target (5)Great and stylish affordable buys at Target (3) 

Vintage Spaces

Mid-Century Retro Interior Design 1960s Sunken Living Room Den

I love a sunken anything, so this cheerful, sunken music room with the polka dot wallpaper (hello!) makes for a very happy, chic space.

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Was I wishing I was out in the desert with all my friends during Coachella weekend and basking in the hot hot sun…maybe a little. But being in LA for the next two weeks with 80 degree weather and working poolside ain’t a bad second. I can’t wait for summatime!

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